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Let the Children Come Empowerment - AVAILABLE NOW from Masters Healing Light Academy


Let the Children Come Empowerment - NEW

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate. This system should never be gifted or exchanged. The fixed price is $80.00.

This system is not available in any package offer. This system is not eligible for buy one get one offers.

The Let the Children Come Empowerment is helpful to anyone that works with, cares for or has children. This system can be used for emotional and physical healing for all. When the term your children is used, it is inclusive of your children, if you are a parent, or your children, if you are a professional working with children, or your children, if you are a care giver of children. Equally it refers to all of us as Children of the Divine.

The Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine Source offers this energy to inspire you to study, develop and apply spiritual doctrines and beliefs to teach and train children spiritually. This energy will also support you in teaching spiritual principles and doctrines to children in a way that can be received.

 As you activate the energy you will experience the renewal of the joy of knowing Ascended Master Jesus, growing in your understanding of His character and ways so that you can pass this onto others as well as your children. This system does direct a lot of energy to parents, caregivers and professionals who work with children, however, the invitation from Ascended Master Jesus that comes through is not just for children, parents, caregivers or professionals who work with children. The invitation is for all ages whether 1 or 100 - as this invitation is to come to Him, to His love, to come closer to Him, to speak to you, and through you. Ascended Master Jesus longs to have a close, personal relationship and opportunity to work with each person’s heart and to help you become all that you can be.

This will bring about a new and closer step towards Ascended Master Jesus so that you can experience the warmth and safety of His powerful Love around you, within you, and so that you can pass this on to all children whom you come into contact regardless of age, for we are All children of the Divine. As you experience His Love it will radiate from you so that you radiate Divine Christ Love to All including the children, all children. This gives you the capacity to touch All with His Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope and Healing.

Through working with the energy you will be inspired as a parent, care giver, or professional to take time to teach children spiritually. It will strengthen your ability to minister to and teach children, helping children to be the person they are created to be and to allow them to be an individual, the unique creation that they are and grow in their potential. As such, this allows you to raise up a new generation of Disciples who put their hope in the Divine.

The Ascended Master Jesus will reveal His Sacred Heart to you as one who cares deeply for all children, including you, as a child of the Divine. It will enable you to see even the most difficult child as a gift from the Divine.

 The Let the Children Come Empowerment energy will give you peace in trying situations with children. It will keep you and your children closely linked to one another and to the love, safety, protection and healing of Ascended Master Jesus. It will help you act responsibly as an adult and or parent and make good decisions that are in the highest good of the child/children.

Protection is given through the energy of this empowerment to protect you against anything or anyone that would stop you from being the Spiritual Leader and Example you need to be for your children.  

The Let the Children Come Empowerment can be used on children allowing Jesus to place his healing touch upon and protective hedge upon them. Special blessings come forth from Jesus to the children receiving this energy.


This is an uncertain world that we live in today, thus, protect your children from all harm by using the energy and love of the Let the Children Come Empowerment. Protection is given for the children against flesh and blood but also against principalities/powers and rulers of darkness, spiritual hosts of wickedness, and evil of all kinds.

Additional areas of protection that the Let the Children Come Empowerment will protect children against are:




Physical problems/diseases

Negative people/relationships/situations/evil people

Negative emotional or psychological influences

Rape/molestation/sexual abuse/assault

Sex Offenders, Pedophiles/ On-line predators/Child Molesters


Identity Theft

Evil persons

Addictions/Drugs/Alcohol/Pornography/Str ong holds

Peer Pressure

Abuse and Trauma of any kind

Anxiety/Stress/Mental Disorders

Negative Influences on the internet/social networking sites


People who are negative influences


Accidents/Calamities/Misfortune/Bad luck

Malicious/Manipulative/Dishonest People/Scammers

Gossip/Malicious attacks


Natural Disasters


Mind Control



Environmental stress/health threats

Dysfunctional Dynamics

And More

Bring yourself and your children to the Protection and Presence of Love!



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