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The Power of the Authentic You Clearing and Healing Session


Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price : 140.00

The Power of the Authentic You Session is very powerful and includes so much healing! Everyone must experience this session!

This session consists of lightbody healing, energy work that will help you to align more with your Soul on the deepest energetic level. Any energies that are not serving you will be released so that you can reclaim lost and hidden aspects of yourself and to infuse you with precisely what is needed for you to attune more to your authentic self.

The Power of the Authentic You Session provides miraculous healing of your aura including healing and removing of emotional turmoil carried in your aura. Carrying around emotional turmoil causes you to feel depressed, angry, or sad for what seems to be no apparent reason. Everything you are is reflected in your aura. Consciously or unconsciously people read this information, and respond to you accordingly.

After removing the old debris from your aura, you will then attract people and circumstances that are in alignment with who you are REALLY, rather than who you have been conditioned to believe that you are. Your mask is removed and you are free to be your Authentic YOU!

You are a multi-dimensional being and consist of many levels of consciousness. This type of healing serves to blend together your mind, body and Spirit in a more intimate melding of consciousness so that you have more clarity, higher awareness and more access to your natural state of well-being.

Carrying large amounts of psychic coercion in your aura causes indecision and an inability to know what YOU think about things, or how YOU feel about things. Removing psychic coercion from your aura brings clarity to an you about who you are and you become more of who you are. In this session old emotional turmoil and psychic coercion will be removed forever. During the session you will receive extensive healing for your aura. Negative cords of attachment will be removed as well.

The Power of the Authentic Self Session assists you in connecting to the real AUTHENTIC you, by cutting through the illusions created by the limited conditioned mind.

There are numerous benefits to this session.

 Here are a few:


•Deeper connection to your Soul

•More clarity in life around your challenges

•Opening channels to higher degrees of intuition

•Opening you to your “inner prosperity”–inner peace, sense of well-being, more self love etc

•Aura, Auric field cleansing and chakra balancing yielding a lighter and more vital self

•Healing of subconscious patterns and beliefs that sabotage your sense of wellness and richness in life

•New perspectives on how to move forward to heal what is in disrepair within your soul




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