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Soul Connection Channeled Psychic Reading Delivered by Email


Soul Connection Reading - Delivered by Email


The Soul Connection Reading provides specific, clear information about what type of relationship you are in at this time. It will disclose the nature of the soul connection and if the relationship is long term or short term, in your highest and best good or not.

The reading may give you insight into some of your karmic ties and or past-life history. It will reveal to you anything that is blocking you from experiencing fulfillment in the relationship offering you invaluable guidance as you try to navigate through your lessons in this important relationship in your life.

Any insight that can be shared that will assist you in living your relationship’s highest path and purpose will surely be given.


The reading is delivered by email.


Please note: I highly recommend the Soul Connection Healing Session for those who choose this reading so that you are not bringing the energies of past relationships into the current relationship. Often there are past/present life cords stopping you from moving on and having a satisfying relationship. If this is an intimate relationship, this is especially important because intimacy establishes a much stronger sexual and heart cord connection between two souls. These negative cords can negatively impact a relationship for years. If there are cords present that are no longer serving your higher good and are not healthy for the relationship, these should be removed. This healing session will dissolve the cords freeing you up to have a clean slate in your desire for a deeply satisfying relationship with another soul.

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