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Soul Connection Healing and Clearing Session


Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price 140.00

This Soul Connection Healing and Clearing Session is designed to remove old, outdated, negative, emotional energy, trauma, energies, of past relationships so that  you are not carrying these into your current relationship.

 Energy cords, whether from past lifetimes or current lifetime will be removed so that these are not stopping you from moving on and having a satisfying relationship in the present.

This session is appropriate for any type of soul connection whether it is a twin flame, soul mate, romantic, platonic, family relationship, or the like.

However, intimate relationships tend to have stronger sexual and heart cord connections. Any cords between you that are not serving your highest and best good will be removed.

 Having  unhealthy cords can affect the health, well being and longevity of any type of relationship for years to come. This session will remove these negative cords. This will free you to have a clean slate in your quest for a deeply satisfying relationship together.  


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