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Assertiveness Empowerment Healing and Clearing Session - Pave your future with courage and protection


Assertiveness Empowerment Healing Session


Session Duration : 90 Minutes


Regular Price 79.99

Assertiveness is something important in life. If you are not assertive, you are easy to manipulate and you miss a lot of chances in life! 

The Assertiveness Empowerment healing session balances passive and aggressive behavior so that you can have a forthright disposition, honoring oneself and others called assertiveness. This healing session will empower you to stand up for what is right, practical, and sound. The patterns and energies situated around you contributing to a lack of assertiveness will be released.

 Suppressed negative energies, subconscious false and limiting beliefs blocking you from being an assertive human being will be cleared. If there is a blockage in the throat chakra contributing to keeping you from speaking your truths this blockage(s) will also be removed. Patterns that are holding you back or preventing you from asserting yourself will also be released. 

If you're accustomed to pleasing people in order to keep the peace and want to be more assertive this session will empower the strength of one with an assertive nature. Though it is not the easy route in any relationship or situation, it will undoubtedly save you from future escalated problems and even tragedies.

 To assert yourself simply means to confidently speak your position on something without hesitation or uncertainty. Assertiveness can protect you from winding up in a stressful or harmful situation full of chaos and despair.

 Have you ever found yourself in a predicament and wondered, "How did I get here?" All along the way there were red flags popping up everywhere, but in your soft-spoken, gentle manner you kindly participated in the unfolding of a disaster. Unclear about how to unravel the mess, or worse, escape the entrapment of your victor, you review over and over the details of your dilemma trying to see how you could have prevented it and what you should do now to break free.

 The answer is TRUST YOURSELF! This session will energize you and remove anything that keeps you from trusting yourself. The clearing and healing will raise your intuition so that you can listen and respond to your inner voice or what your gut is telling you to avoid whether it is a potential opportunity, partnership, or situation.  

If you have already been the victim of a dreadful scam, act of violence, or hurtful relationship, now is the time to start standing up for yourself - now is the time to become an assertive human being. Pave your future with courage and protection as this session will bring your courage forward to speak your truth, stand up for yourself. As a result, you will no longer be treated poorly, or victimized. As well the Assertiveness Empowerment Healing and Clearing session energy will protect in such a way that you avert further hardships and crimes in the future. A Divine hedge of protection will be placed around you shielding you from negativity/negative energy.

In this session you will be reconnected to your Higher Self and to the Source, so that you can remember that you are not alone in confronting an aggressive personality or adversary, that the Divine is with you and will provide you a way out, bestowing upon you the strength necessary to boldly speak or combat any evil intended against you.

 Some typical unconscious thoughts/patterns/thought forms which prevent assertiveness are:

‘you are unable to say that you don’t want to do it, so you just do it’

‘you are unable to refuse’

‘you are afraid that people might condemn you, so you do what they want you to do’

‘you are unable to defend yourself’

‘you let others take what belongs to you’

‘they drive you into a corner, you have no defense’

‘you are unable to say what you think, imagine they think differently and that they would laugh at you’

‘the way they do things is better, just follow their example’

 Examples of energies and thought patterns that will replace these negative thoughts forms/beliefs/patterns are:

being sure, feeling sure, mean something to yourself and to other people

say what you think

influence others and convince them of your ideas

achieve what you want without harming anyone and while showing consideration for other people

others show consideration for you, they listen to you

stand up for yourself





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