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Animal Communication Healing Session and Channeled Reading


Animal Communication Reading and Healing Session

 regular price 249.99

Healing Session Duration: 60 Minutes

Animal Communication Reading delivered by Email


Emotional problems, questions about what to do next, how to help your pet …. Ask Spirit as Spirit will reach into the roots and heal the issues at their source, bringing blessings and gifts for all.


I will connect with your animal and the all Compassionate Spiritual Realms and communicate with your animal asking whatever three questions you would like to ask. I will channel this information and send it to you in an email.


I will ask the Divine, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels to perform the necessary healing work needed for your animal. If anything comes forward during the healing session or reading that you can do to help the animal I will provide this information to you.


If you have an animal who has passed away, I will make sure it is happily settled into the Spirit World and will communicate any messages he or she has for you and relay any messages you have for them.


What three questions do you have for your animal/pet?

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