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Depression Healing and Clearing Session - Restoration to a state of JOY and BLISS!


Depression Healing and Clearing Session

Duration : 90 minutes

Regular price 80.00


The Depression Healing and Clearing Session is designed to help you overcome and heal your Depression and bring you back to a state of Joy and Bliss!


A Depression Healing and Clearing Session can help lift your spirits and will remove the causes of your depression, release negative emotions, feelings, and subconscious blocks that are contributing to depression. This session will address the mental, energetic, and physical causes and symptoms of depression. By accessing and shifting the energetic body, new connections will be made in the brain to encourage neurotransmitter cells to create more resourceful connections consistent with a more positive mood.


By clearing the energetic field of ruminated thoughts, regrouping the grounding system, re-aligning the energetic blueprint can shift a person out a dark place. Unearthing and clearing core negative beliefs, like: " I am not worthwhile." "Life is empty and meaningless" ;"I don't belong anywhere" can get to the root of depression and finally lift its weight.


The work of clearing depression may not be done one session. Since some people have been in the habit of depression for a long time, their body, mind and energetic field need to be trained if you will to hold a new energy and outlook. As well, those who have suffered with depression, especially ongoing, long term depression really benefit from periodic maintenance sessions to keep their fields clear of other people's energy. Many depressed people are sensitive people who have been overloaded with other people's negative thoughts and feelings. Maintenance sessions will serve to "reboot" their field energetically by " refueling their field with positive, strong and stable energy".


Depression is serious and can lead to suicide if left untreated. Healing sessions should never be a substitute for a doctor. If you are suffering from depression, be sure to check with your doctor and learn your options.

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