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Migraine Headache Healing Session - No longer put your life on hold - Live Life to Its Fullest!


Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price 80.00

For the migraine sufferer, life is constantly on hold. You never know when a migraine will strike, how fast it will hit you or how severe the symptoms will be. The headache can last from four hours to three days and the telltale signs of nausea, sensitivity to light and sound or changes in vision or hearing alone can be enough to disrupt your life before the pain even starts.


The Migraine Headache Healing Session removes triggers and causes of your migraine as to get to the root(s) of the problem. Removal of triggers assist in eliminating your migraine pain once and for all.


The session will restore you to a place of balance and remove stress energy and negative energy contributing to migraines. The session will support you in making healthy choices and decisions regarding food and lifestyle choices that attribute to migraines.


If you are struggling with sleep due to migraines you will find that this session is very soothing and will assist you in getting the rest you need. It is recommended that this session be done during sleep hours.


The Migraine Healing Migraine Headache Healing Session assists you to feel more peaceful, centered and grounded removing high levels of stress or anxiety so that you can experience a happy, balanced life and prevent to illness in your body. If you are suffering with migraine headaches or regular headaches and would like to experience relief now, this session is for you.


Just because you have a migraine, does not mean that life needs to be on hold. A simple Migraine Headache Healing session may be just what is needed. As a Healing practitioner, I can help those with migraines by directing energy to relieving symptoms and giving you the gift of being able to continue to live life to its fullest.


The goal of any migraine treatment is complete relief of pain and symptoms so that you can return to normal functioning. This may take a series of sessions to experience complete relief much like medical, emotional, psychological, treatment takes several visits to doctors/therapists, medication therapy, lifestyle changes, etc. This is meant to compliment medical and should never serve as a replacement.


When you order your session please email the answers to the following questions:


Current pain on a scale of 0– 10? Are you in the pre-pain stage or having a full blown migraine at present? What symptoms are present right now? Do you just know that it is coming because it is related to a known trigger such as monthly cycle or stress? Are you currently light sensitive, movement sensitive or sound sensitive or all of the above?

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