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Self Development and Self Empowerment Healing and Clearing Session


Self Development and Self Empowerment Healing Session

Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular Price: 80.00

The co-creative healing process acknowledges that you create your own reality and have the ability to change any present circumstance, moving your life into a more positive and desirable place.

This session focuses on personal empowerment and divine connection, encourages you to a path of self realization, helping you to become more conscious of the choices you make, and the experiences you attract into your life.

The session does attend to your physical imbalances, but also supports your spiritual growth, with the intention of helping you find the inner power and confidence to live the life which brings you the greatest joy. In your journey of personal growth and accessing your personal power the session energy will help you find new ways of looking at yourself and your reality so that you can access your vast inner wisdom, unlimited gifts, abilities, talents, solutions, internal tools which you can use in your everyday life!

 This focus on self development and self empowerment, helps you see where you need to go so that you can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Give yourself permission to be the truly powerful soul that you are! Blocks will be cleared so that your deeper, inner personal power can rise to your conscious awareness!

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