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Discernment and Trust Healing and Clearing Session


Discernment and Trust Healing and Clearing Session

Session Duration: 120 Minutes

Regular Price 140.00

Trust is vital to a happy and healthy life! Trust in ourselves, our partners, those around us, and the basic goodness of the universe allows us to feel more positive, confident and secure.

When trust is present, we are also able to enjoy open, honest and positive communication. One of the essential foundations of creating solid relationship trust is to start with a firm basis of trust in yourself.

This session helps you to have faith in your own good judgment so that you know who to bring into your life, who to release, and the like. It helps you to keep your immediate environment in tune with who you are and who you are becoming.

If you keep telling yourself that you have terrible taste in men or women, or even friends, guess what? You are very likely going to wind up attracted to people with whom you have little chance of establishing a strong and trusting relationship of any kind. We very rarely set out to prove ourselves wrong, so if you think you are ‘unlucky in love or friendship,’ that is just what you will tend to keep experiencing. If you lack trust in your own ability to recognize and choose a kind and loving partner, even if you do find yourself dating a wonderful and trustworthy person, you will likely find yourself looking for flaws and faults. If you don’t believe in your own ability to choose a good partner, then you risk sabotaging relationship trust in even the most promising relationship by constantly waiting for ‘the other shoe to drop.’

 If you have been telling yourself for years that you have poor judgment in matters of the heart and in friendship, this session will certainly support you in releasing the negative self-talk.

 Another very important area where trust will be enhanced is in your belief that you are worthy of having, and are capable of creating, good healthy relationships with positive people, who are supportive and loving.

 Many struggle with knowing doubting their intuitive thoughts. Some wonder if it is just their imagination. Many struggle with discerning what is intuition and what is wishful thinking or imagination. This session will help you to let go of doubt in your ability to discern what is truth, your intuitive thoughts, hear your intuitive voice. It will support you in trusting your intuition. The energy will boost your intuition in such a way that the inner voice becomes louder and more bolder for you.

A block to trusting your intuition is reasoning, analyzing, intellect....It is natural to want things to make sense! However, sometimes intuition does not make sense right away. Sometimes it makes sense later.

This session will help you to stop over analyzing and take risks, to take those leaps of faith, trusting your intuition to take you to what leads you to your highest and best good. It helps you to realize that your intuition is a highly reliable source so that you pay attention to the messages you are receiving even when it does not make sense to you at the time.

 Another block is the mind intruding and telling you that the messages you receive are your imagination. You must learn to trust and have faith in your intuition. Many struggle with trusting. It is easy to just feel like it is your imagination running wild. However the imagination is amazing vehicle in which to carry intuitive knowings. This session will clear and release the association between imagination and illusion. 

This session helps to remove the fear of silence when you try to actively access your intuition. There are many types of practices to help you still the mind. This session will empower and support you in being able to clear and still the mind and to find your connection to the Divine in the spaces between words and thoughts. It will relax you and your mind so that you can access that quiet stream which flows just below your awareness.

Faith in Self is very important to awakening your intuition. You must have faith in yourself and your ability to receive intuitive information. You are the most important part in this journey. The answers are not out there somewhere. All the answers are within you. You are your own teacher. This session is designed to empower you to believe in yourself!

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