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Compassion Healing and Clearing Session


Compassion Healing and Clearing Session

Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price 80.00

Compassion is not a weakness but a strength.

This session will help you to increase your compassion with self and others. It will clear tendencies to be defensive, cold, uncaring, fearful of connecting too much in case a person rejects you, and the belief that compassion is a weakness.

 Experience greater levels of altruistic happiness, especially when having helped someone out of their problems, the ability to form healthier friendships with others and have lifetime relationships and a deeper emotional life with this clearing and healing session.

Boost your compassion for the Self and for others! The energy will support you in the practice of kindness which produces compassion over time (as well as many other benefits).

As a result of the session you will feel more compassionate within you and experience the many benefits which come along with being compassionate to yourself and others.

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