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Self Worth and Self Love Healing and Clearing Session


Self Worth and Self Love Healing and Clearing Session

Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price 80.00

The Law of Attraction is based on very sound principles of self-development and self-care. Whenever you become what you want, you also get everything that comes from the space of being that person. The Law of Attraction is constantly responding to the degree of self-worth that you have for yourself. What you vibe is what you get! The Session Focus is on supporting you in becoming that person for whom matching things happen.


It will boost the deservingness you feel; as well as provide self-empowerment, self-love, self-worth, which all go together hand in hand. Self-adoration is not conflicting with being nice, compassionate or loving to others. In fact it all works together.

You will find that you can be the best 'you' when you love yourself unconditionally. This self-worth and self love healing session will allow you to be happy and in this happiness you can actually do more for the people around you.

 Whoever you become is what you attract to you. The energy will also bring you a feeling of determination in performing tasks efficiently, and belief in your talents and gifts, which will also bring about a feeling of deservingness and in this feeling of being worthy, you attract wonderful situations to you.

 It will clear beliefs that keep you from feeling you are worthy of being loved by you. Loving yourself gives you much needed personal power!

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