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Intuition Fear Clearing and Healing Session


Intuition Fear Clearing and Healing Session

Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Uninhibited by our biases and judgments, wired only to perception, it can lead us to predictions we often marvel at. “Somehow I just knew,” we say later about a hidden danger we just knew to veer aware from or an opportunity we spontaneously seized despite knowing little about it. Beyond our conscious awareness, we read miniscule untaught signals, that point us to pay attention to something… or someone.


Sometimes our intuition gives rise to an acute feeling of fear. A primal emotion that exists to keep us safe, genuine fear is intended to be brief, not to hang around for a long period of time.

Anxiety also keeps many from tuning in to those ‘gut instincts’ that truly do signal us to pay special attention. This session is designed to remove the fears that cloud and or block you from accessing and listening to your intuition.

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