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Worthiness to Connect to the Source Clearing Session


Worthiness to Connect to the Source Clearing Session

Session Duration : 90 Minutes

Regular price 80.00

Many have a block to awakening intuition and connecting to the Divine Mind because they do not feel worthy of working with God/The Divine Source/Creator.

Often a perhaps programmed response is to say, but who am I to work with God/Creator? The truth is that the Divine indwells within us.

 This session is designed to support you in grasping that concept. It will remove feelings of unworthiness, thoughts that priests, reverands, ministers, spiritual gurus, or more worthy than you are to work with God.

 It remove tendency toward making the conscious or unconscious choice that you are not worthy to work with God. It will allow you to discover your true value.

This session helps to awaken your intuition including opening you up to the Divine mind, bringing you into higher states of consciousness that opens the doors of opportunity so you can fulfill your higher purpose for being here on earth.

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