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New Discoveries Unearthing Healing Sessions - Experience exhilaration and fulfillment, Life Long Solutions/Answers, Positively Transform Your LIFE!


New Discoveries Unearthing Healing Sessions are 2 session 60 minute sessions. The regular price is 140.00.

These sessions are designed to heal whatever is causing your pain so that you come away from the sessions new discoveries in your life - with life long solutions and answers. As things shift with ease you will experience exhilaration and fulfillment.

 Through shifting your energy you can positively transform your life. In these sessions the energy focuses on your current concerns, conscious and unconscious. Please email information on any issues that you would like to have addressed in these sessions, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, interpersonal, etc.

During the sessions the body's subtle energy fields will be aligned with what serves your highest and best good. Then they are stablizied and optimized to function at their highest levels and productivity. This sessions clears anything that keeps you from tapping into the full potential that you have inside you already.

Open yourself up to new and unlimited potentials and discoveries with this powerful session!

Here are some of the benefits of the session....there are more!

Realization of true power

Release of Limiting and Sabotaging Beliefs

Fulfill Potential

Life Changing Results in a short  period of time

Self Discovery

Self Awareness 

Ability to Live in the Present

Unlimited Business Success

Increased Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Well-Being

Release of Limiting Beliefs/Sabotage Patterns

Live Deliberately and Dynamically from Ideals & Vision

Create & Experience Ideal Relationships

Quiet, Manage & Direct the Mind

Tap into & Fulfill Potential


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