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Highest Destination Healing Sessions - Create and Live the Life that Makes Your Heart Sing!


Highest Destination Healing Sessions include 2 sessions, 60 minutes each session. The regular price is 140.00.

These sessions will help you to feel confident in who you are - in your true, authentic, Divine Self so that you are empowered in such a way that your life soars to new and higher levels and destinations.

The energy will support you in living a life that makes your heart sing. You will re-remember that it is your birthright to live with abundance, happiness, fulfillment, prosperity, success, accessing all the unlimited potentials and possibilities that are open to you in all areas of your life.

This will allow you to arrive at your destination in the immediate rather than at a later point in time. These sessions unlock the higher potentials that lie within you so that the life that you desire in your heart of hearts becomes your reality.

 It reconnects your heart and soul so that the life you have dreamed of comes back to its proper place within the heart and soul.

As well, healing will be directed to all levels of your being - emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. If there are any specific issues you would like to address, please email these prior to the sessions.

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