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Dysfunctional Relationship Clearing and Healing Session


Dysfunctional Relationship Clearing and Healing Session

Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price 99.99


Many relationships are dysfunctional because they contain “faulty programs” downloaded from past relationships. This is why people find themselves dealing with the same types of issues over and over again in their relationships with others. Whether it is money, sex, jealousy, fidelity, or any number of other issues, to some degree or another, the theme is the same for them in the current relationship as those of the past.


Negative relationship patterns, internal beliefs, and filters that lead you to picking spouses, and or friends that replicate dysfunctional childhood interactions with parents will be cleared so that you no longer find yourself recreating the painful experiences of your childhood. No longer will you be drawn to what is familiar and to what is known. The trauma being held from childhood experiences will be released so that you do not work out painful traumas of the past in your present relationship(s).


This session is designed to assist any dysfunctional relationship whether it is a marriage, partnership, soul mate, twin flame, sibling, parent, child, coworker, etc.

 During the session you will receive self love healing. Karma removal and belief re-patterning will take place during the session. Faulty programs from past relationships will be removed and replaced with loving positive truth filled core beliefs.

 Negative emotions towards the person with whom you are in a relationship will be cleared and re-programmed with positive and loving core beliefs. If there are control issues present in the relationship these are also cleared and reprogrammed with positive and loving core beliefs. Negative attitudes in the relationship are re-programmed with core beliefs of compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

 If you have a tendency to be judgmental in a relationship then this will be re-programmed with compassion and understanding. If you are critical of yourself and others you are reprogrammed with kindness, understanding and an appreciation for the unique qualities and special gifts of others. Positive and loving core beliefs that bring out the best in others will replace the negative ones. Positive core beliefs that attract self respect and respect of others will raise the vibrations of the relationship considerably. 

 Create a new dynamic in your relationship based on the future rather than on what has been known in the past!

 When you order this session, be sure to include the type of relationship, the other person’s name and date of birth, and the current status of the relationship.

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