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Ascended Master Channeled Reading for Starseeds Delivered by Email


Starseed Channeled Readings

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If you are a star person, light worker or indigo then this reading is just for you as it can help you to understand your true identity and clarify your soul purposes.


It is true that some people are an extraterrestrial incarnated as a human being. These are Earth based disciples of the Spiritual Hierarchy, New World Servers, Awakened (or awakening) Souls on the path, helping to externalize the Ascended Masters’ plan for right relations and global peace, with specific life missions, larger purposes.


The Starseed Reading is an open channeled reading offering you guidance to support your soul on the path. It can give insight into many areas of life, such as soul purposes, missions, future opportunities, or past lives, or your origin.


One or more of the Ascended Masters will come through giving you a lengthy, powerful reading that can literally raise your consciousness. The Ascended Master(s) will reveal to you whatever he/she deems as most important to your soul at this time.

Every person’s Starseed reading will be different, unique as the information comes from the Akashic Records. This is a wonderful opportunity for your soul to receive clarity in important aspects of your life path. The reading will be delivered in your email box.

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