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Higher Self Channeled Reading Delivered by Email

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Higher Self Soul Reading.


The Divine/Creator Source/God has endowed everyone with a 'Higher Self' who has been with each of us since our inception and the beginning of our life times on the Earth. It watches over us as we undergo learning, spiritual growth and soul evolution in our many incarnations.


Most of us are so caught up in our third-dimension everyday lives, with all of the drama that dealing with EARTH PLANE LIVING entails, that we shun and tune out the whispers and guidance that our Higher Self frequently imparts to us.


Ultimately, everyone is destined to make contact with their Higher Self on the conscious levels. We already have this connection on the higher planes where we frequently meet in dream time and on spirit journeys. When we make conscious contact with our 'Higher Self' then positive things begin come our way Answers are immediately available and forthcoming at the asking. What we ask for and put out there via our intention starts to manifest for us. Doors open and opportunities come forth seemingly out of the blue as we align ourselves into the flow with the Universal Law of Attraction.


Making this contact with our Higher Self can help to take away our confusion, loneliness and ease our frustrations and disappointments as we learn more about the 'Greater Picture' of our own soul and what we are here to experience and learn in this lifetime. It can offer us insight, knowledge and tools to help bring about self transformation and healing.


The Higher Self Reading is a gentle, loving profound journey to help you connect with your soul to help expand your vision, ignite the passions of your heart and to discover keys to release the blocks, fears, or attachments which keep you from bliss, joy, love, prosperity and happiness. This reading is a channeled reading from Spirit. In the reading, the Higher Self will deliver messages that are deemed as most important to your Soul at this time.


Each Reading will contact your Higher Self offering guidance and insight to assist you on your path of purpose. The Readings are detailed, powerful and loving and take a lot of energy to channel. The readings are lengthy and detailed.

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