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Loved One's/Soul Mate/Twin Flame Higher Self Channeled Reading Delivered by Email


Loved One Higher Self Reading.

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Creator Source/God has endowed everyone with a 'Higher Self' who has been with each of us since our inception and the beginning of our life times on the Earth. It watches over us as we undergo learning, spiritual growth and soul evolution in our many incarnations.


Making this contact with the Higher Self of our significant other/s, whether they are a parent, child, twin flame, soul mate, relationship/marriage partner, friend, can offer us insight, knowledge and information to help bring about transformation and healing between our soul and our loved one.


The 'Higher Self' of the loved one you choose will be channeled. You will receive a detailed description of what your loved one’s Higher Self looks like on the other side. As well a channeled message from their Higher Self will come through for you bringing gentle healing and loving messages to bring happiness, harmony and healing between your souls. The reading may offer information and insights about your relationship and what opportunities exist, what energies need to be balanced and what you need to learn from each other in this lifetime. Whatever areas the Higher Self deems as most important will come through in the channeled reading.


The Higher Self Reading is a gentle, loving profound journey to help you connect with your loved one’s soul to help expand your vision and to discover keys to release the blocks, fears, or attachments which keep you from bliss, joy, love, and happiness.


Each Reading will contact the Higher Self of One beloved Significant other in your life and offer insight and answers.


For additional family members, friends and soul mates/twin flames, and the like, please order a separate Reading . The Readings are detailed, powerful and loving and take a lot of energy, focus and effort. For this reason, only one Higher Self per Reading .

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