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Archangel, Angel, and Guardian Angel Clearing and Healing Session


Session Duration: 120 Minutes

Regular price 199.99


Archangel, Angel, and Guardian Angel Clearing and Healing Session


Bathe for two hours in Angelic energies from the Archangels, Guardian Angels and Angels. No mind, no expectations. In a channeled Archangel Energy Healing session you will receive direct channeled energy healing from a specialized team of Archangels and Angels who are called in to guide the session.


Your Clearing Healing session will include:


Direct channeling and frequency from the team of Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels who can most serve your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing. Your specific team of Archangels, Angels and Guardian Angels are called in for the session.


Healing, Light, and Love focused by the Angels to serve you in whatever areas you are most in need.


This may include Karmic and Past Life Clearing or Clearing of any cords, attachments, entities, demons, addiction spirits, curses, hooks or psychic implants that may be present. This clearing includes you and your home, or you may choose to purchase an Angel Energy healing session for family or loved ones (which is completed with permission from their Higher Self). The session may include Healing of limiting belief systems, negative thought processes, and any external energetic issues that you need help working out.


Angel Energy Healing for your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Auric, Casual, Etheric, and Light Body.


You can choose a specific area of focus for the healing, or let the Archangels, Guardian Angels and Angels choose this for you.

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