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Aura Protection Session - Stop Unwanted Energies and Influences from Entering your Auric Field


Session Duration : 180 minutes, Divided into 5, 30 Minute Sessions, One per Day for 5 Days

Regular price 199.99

Clearing and protecting your aura is a critical component of energy work. In this session non-beneficial emotional and mental energies from your auric field that clog your system and bog you down, attract other non-beneficial energies, and can manifest in illness and disease on the physical level will be removed.


It is much easier to remove non-beneficial energy while yet in your aura than after disease and illness have manifested in the physical body. In the Aura Protection Session your Aura will be cleared, healed, and fully protected on an energetic level.


An Aura protection energy session empowers your energy field to offer a better level of psychic protection. It fills the gaps in your energy field that may have arising due to this life or past life trauma.


Your aura consists of pure energy. In this session your aura will be made into a "force field" that does not let in any negative energies or leak out any of your energy. This aura shield and force field will stop negative energies, and literally repel those pesky negative energies, returning them to the sender/source as positive energy.


The Aura Protection Energy Session enables you to stop unwanted energies and influences from entering your auric field. The protection energies are sent over a period of 5 days and build up gradually until the energies have completed the re-building of your aura.

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