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Channeled Psychic Reading from the Ascended Masters for the Sensitives/Empaths/Starseeds/Indigos - Delivered Via Email


Psychic Reading for Sensitives/Empaths/Starseeds/Indigos


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If you feel a new world is forming and it is beginning inside you then this reading is just for you!


This is a channeled reading from the Ascended Masters. An Ascended Master will come forward to help you to remember the benevolent hand that shields your soul! This reading helps you with your soul evolution, so that you can confidently respond to your inner callings for something greater! It is deeply spiritual reading for the sensitive soul.


The Ascended Master may reveal to you how you can make your world a better one, or how to make the world a better world, to discover your essence and or to learn again how to live truthfully and lovingly as a radiant, fully expressed human.


Whether you are just discovering that you are a more sensitive soul or whether you are leading the way for others as a guide, counselor & healer…or if you find yourself anywhere in between, there is always more to learn about the soul and the universe. In this reading insights that are soul expanding and invigoratingly new will come forward for you to help your hopes to emerge and blossom and the path before you illuminate.

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