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Healing Session for Sensitives/Empaths/Starseeds/Indigos


Healing Session for Sensitives/Empaths

Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price : 140.00


If you feel a new world is forming and it is beginning inside you then this healing is perfect for you!


This healing is for the person whose dreams have always been for a better world. Rather than having a faint memory of the benevolent hand that shields your soul you will have a harmonized consciousness, oneness with that divine, loving, benevolent hand. If you have clung to your hope and the memory of kindness even when you have not seen it outwardly you are indeed reading about a powerful healing just for you as a highly sensitive soul.


This session will assist your hopes in emerging and blossoming. You will be able to experience your very essence and live truthfully and lovingly as a radiant, fully expressed human.


You will be connected to the love and peace, of the Divine Source, experiencing a transformative healing which delivers you to your proper placement wherever you are in the globe. Supportive energy will be given to assist you in becoming a sovereign soul understanding how the Universe works, and how love changes everything. You will be transformed into the demonstration of your highest soul aspects so that you can influence others, showing others what is possible.


Whether you are just discovering that you are a more sensitive soul or whether you are leading the way for others as a guide, counselor & healer…or if you find yourself anywhere in between, there is always more to heal within the soul. This session is soul expanding and will certainly bring forward new insights into your soul evolution so that you can respond to your inner callings for something greater with confidence and ease!

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