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Relationship Transformation Healing Session


Relationship Transformation Healing Session

Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price 99.99


At some point any relationship can become out-of-place with who you are in the present time or where you envision yourself wanting to go.


Family, love-partners, friends, co-workers, colleagues, even "Soul Mates" and "Twin Souls" relationships still need to be based upon agreements that are relevant and in alignment with what you are looking to achieve for yourself.


During this session negative energies, patterns, thoughts, habits, etc, behind why the relationship is in the current dynamic will be released. The clearing aspect of the session clears what blocks you from maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship and or attracting a partner with positive attributes. This includes clearing negative, lower natured emotions and false and limiting beliefs about self, others, and relationships based on experiences of the past. These are commonly deeply rooted issues that are in need of being cleared and healed. The session is designed to clear out things such as indifference, anger, and negativity as even the smallest amount of negativity can create problems in a close relationship. It will clear negative feelings about the relationship and about relationships in general.


The Higher Vibrations will bring forward higher qualities and attributes from within which will positively affect the relationship and our relationship partner.


Lastly the relationship is re-framed or re-created based in positive energy and in alignment with who you are or are becoming at the present time.

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