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House and Property Clearing or Business Clearing Session


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House and Property Clearing Session or Business Clearing Session


*Do you suspect bad energy left over from previous owners?

*Do you have inklings of spirits or attached entities?

*Do you think unpleasant events long ago might have left a psychic stain?


In this session the discordant energies affecting a property and home will be cleared. The relationship between a place and the people and animals who live and/or work there will be harmonized. Properties and Homes in any location can be cleared. Connection to you wherever you are is possible.


Just as people are emotionally and physically affected by traumatic events, energies of homes/buildings and land are also affected by events in and around them, and continue to radiate those energies until cleared. Those who live in and visit such places can be seriously affected.

Regular price 300.00

Human emotional energy can cling to objects and locations, and be picked up by anyone on an unconscious level.


Typical experiences that indicate need for clearing:

*A feeling that you’d rather not go in your own house or work place.

*Animals acting out of sorts? Change in behavior? Especially cats.

*Electrical oddities – alarms, lights go on or off.

*Unexplained sounds in the night – walking, music, voices, knocking?

*Objects disappearing, perhaps reappearing someplace else?

*Moods that only occur in a certain room, or at certain times of the day?

*Machines, especially computers, acting funny?

*Run of bad luck, accidents, vandalism or theft?

*Pockets of cold?

*Ant and wasp nests?

*Strange odors?

*House Stuck on the Market?

*Cycle of arguing or conflict at home -- or work?

*Children afraid and/or insisting there's something there, but you don't notice anything?

*Poor sleep, constant fatigue or illness.


The above phenomena reflect disturbances in the energy flow. After the causes are cleared the space feels better. It feels more protective and much more comfortable. The negative energies are gone. Many or most of the above symptoms disappear. People like being there. Relations flow more smoothly.


What can be cleared for you?

Clearing can be done on a home, property, or workplace. This session includes one home and property or one work place and property.

Negative energies in a building are not necessarily dramatic episodes: they can be quite subtle, but do affect people and the physical world. They have this in common: they rob our energy, our clarity of mind, and our peace of heart.


Our clearing is unusually thorough and complete. The work is done to completion in three distinct areas to be addressed in house clearing work:

*Negative energies or spirit presences

*Strong emotional imprints

*Stress from earth energy lines altering the harmony of a building or property


This takes us between 4 and 5 hours.


It covers, among other things:

Removal of discordant spirits and dark energies, Cleansing of negative emotional imprints, Clearing earth energy lines, Shielding and Blessing. This clearing is thorough. You will notice many improvements. No site visit necessary.


Negative Energies or Spirit Presences

They are real and can be unpleasant, although the majority are lost and confused, not knowing how to move on. These beings drain the energy of humans and animals. The bright side is that such entities are amenable to clearing and dismissal, from any location.

People call them ghosts, entities, discarnates, earth-bound spirits, and many other things. It doesn’t matter what names we give them. They are real energies that attach to places (people and animals, too) and affect emotional, mental, and physical well-being. The worst are dark energetic and emotional pollutants, as toxic as industrial sludge; except that they’re invisible, which makes them harder to discern and augments their power by causing us not to believe in their existences.

Some entities are attracted by certain emotional situations, because human emotional energy is their food. They are parasites who seek only to feed themselves on your energy, and wind up disrupting your life. Children are especially susceptible, as most are intuitively sensitive to spirits, who sometimes make them afraid. Such fear attracts other negative entities, who augment the fear.

We are able to separate these entities from your property.


Emotional Imprints

Events that have occurred on a property, or in a building or house, leave energy traces. Deaths, violence, disputes, and any harboring of negative emotion by previous occupants. These energies can last for centuries unless cleared.

Emotional imprints in a building are most commonly felt as an atmosphere, and through changes in feelings upon entering a building and moving around inside. The feeling can be similar to the feelings of spirits listed above, but with a different flavor. They would most likely last forever unless cleared.


Three types of imprinted energies:

*Disputes and/or Outright Conflict

Sometimes between the builders, or previous occupants with each other, or with neighbors, or the world. As well, many properties in the US where injustice was done to indigenous people over land. Imprints can be from ages before there was a structure. Houses built on native burial sites, or battlegrounds, for example, are affected by the energetic disharmony.

*Intensely felt emotions, such as sorrow, frustration, hate, or grief.

*Residual emotions from long illness, especially when death happened in the house – emotions of the caregivers, friends, relatives, or the sick person.

These imprints affect us, even when we are not consciously aware of them. We humans have a way of making all sorts of things seem normal to us.


Stressed Earth Meridian Lines

In this session, your property will be cleared of the weakening effects from lines of force that move along the earth. These can be viewed as toxic streams, bringing a flow of negativity into and through a property, usually in more than one direction. This might be experienced as almost any sort of energy drain and can increase the probability of negative emotion being felt and expressed.

Similarly, streams of underground water under or near buildings can affect the energy of a home. We do not physically deflect water streams. We can, though, improve the energy the streams carry. This does not change the pathways the energy runs on. When there is a problem, it is not the lines themselves, but the quality of energy moving along these lines. When the energies are cleared, they radiate positive flows into the space.

This part of the clearing work brings a sense of unity to the property, which enables the structure to let the energy flow more easily within it. It will then be supported by the more-harmonious connection to the earth energy system.


Shielding and Protecting

After the property/home has been cleared, a protective energy barrier will be placed around its perimeter that helps keep negative energies out and helps transmute emotional debris as it occurs.


After Clearing

You might immediately notice the change in the space, or in how you feel. If you are more visual than kinesthetic, you may notice the rooms looking brighter, clearer, bigger. If you are kinesthetic, you may notice the room feeling more peaceful, lighter, airier, and find yourself feeling more relaxed.

Since there is a connection between houses and the people who live in them, we recommend an individual Soul Path Clearing for everyone you live with.


More Reasons to Consider House Clearing

*Harmonize home when you move in, or any new person does.

*Better sex life due to clearer energy all over and in the bedroom.

*Manifest what you want in your life more easily.

*Increase your vitality.

*Assist the healing process of anyone in your home.

*To clear out old or recurring problems in your life, and open up new possibilities

*Make loving space for a new baby.

*Establish a new atmosphere to support ending or beginning new phases.

*Transitions in life -- after a divorce or break up, surgery, after any traumatic event, or after a death.

*Make your house your own.

*Enhance your spiritual development.


Who Can Benefit From This Session?

Home Owners and Renters

You’ve probably entered a home or business and immediately felt you didn't want to be there... and the opposite – you’ve felt immediately comfortable and nurtured.

What if your intuitive sense is always telling you whether a space is emotionally or physically healthy for you? And what if the energy of a space could be fixed if it feels bad -- and improved if it already feels good? How would that affect your health, your relationships?

Realtors & Home Sellers

Home selling is full of unknowns and mysteries. One of them is why houses don’t sell, when all other conditions are met. What if potential buyers sense something that makes them uncomfortable? It could be the slightest thing.

The way a house or building feels and how people respond to it will be changed due to the clearing work done. Energy factors that can keep a house from selling are removed.

Why not remove those obstacles, just as you remove extra furniture and clean house before going on the market. House clearings improve people’s reactions dramatically.

Home Buyers

Start off in your new clear house. Make it your own, rather than picking up random energy. Why not clear the energy of all the previous occupants?

Even new houses often have discordant energies. Have you ever been on a construction site, hearing what’s said? What happened on the land before that? Let’s clear it. Old houses have lots of stuff going on from previous occupants who have left a part of themselves behind.

Business Owners and Operators

Businesses are pathways for energy. These interactions generate mental and emotional energy. Some of the energy doesn’t get resolved and begins to live in the physical space. Negative emotions have left imprints.

A business clearing gives you a reading of the energy of your business, plus information about energy blocks from customers, competitors, or you.

Relationships – employees, partners, vendors will be cleared of negative energy. Energies unfriendly will be shifted to success by clearing both physical business space and the intangible but real business relationship arena.

In addition to the thorough business clearing, this also includes clearings for each employee, limited to issues that affect performance. This is non-intrusive into privacy or personal matters and can be opted out.

The basic results: Improve harmony , satisfaction, and productivity. And increase many levels of profit: financial, emotional, social, and spiritual.

Hotels, Offices and Meeting Places

Are imprinted by the energy of the many personal and business dramas played out in them. If you have ever felt uneasy and unable to sleep in a hotel room or a bit off in a meeting room, it may not have been the people you were with, or the event you are participating in.


Home Business Website Clearing

When people visit your website, they can leave behind negative energy and emotions. These imprints can be felt by subsequent visitors, who are likely to leave your site quickly. If your website is otherwise OK, but you aren’t getting the response you want, clearing negative energy from your website can increase your effectiveness.


It Doesn't Matter Where You Are

Wherever you are, no matter what country or state, your home and property can be cleared. The clearing is non-local. Distance is not an obstacle. Some information will be requested about the home and property in order to do the work. I will then tune into your property and clear it completely, without a physical visit. There is no separation between me and your property. Non-local energy clearing for physical space is truly phenomenal and the energy changes are noticeable.

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