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Fear of Vulnerability Clearing and Healing Session - Find Freedom from the Fear of Vulnerability TODAY! :)


Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price 99.99


The Fear of Vulnerability Clearing Session will clear away blockages within you that hinder you from expressing who you are on the inside. Self love energy will fill you so that you have more to give to self and others allowing you to express your true being. Illusion, grief and fear will be released so this no longer holds you back. This will allow you to return to your Authentic Self, the self you were as a small child, when you were open and free and able to share all of yourself with others. Walls around your heart, emotional defenses, that you have constructed to protect yourself will be removed as these block the flow of energy and love in both directions. Negative thoughts and feelings about yourself that you have believed and internalized will be removed. The feeling of being responsible for life’s hurts will be cleared away.


If you have a tendency to be distant with people whom you really care about because you are afraid of being vulnerable this session is especially helpful to you. This will clear away patterns of keeping others at arms length, becoming buried in work/school/other activities, or simply disappearing at the first sign a relationship is becoming serious. It will eliminate patterns such as pushing and pulling, drawing in a potential love interest only to pull away emotionally when the other person gets too close, and then drawing them back in once distance has been reestablished.


Issues of fear of rejection and abandonment related to the fear of vulnerability will also be cleared. Self Love energy will be applied to assist you in accepting and loving your whole, authentic self, even with your flaws, imperfections, embarrassing stories and past mistakes you wish you could forget. The session will help you to embrace your dark side as well as see your beauty, perfection and innate value. It will support you in stopping patterns of trying to prove your value, to show how worthwhile you are, so that you make offerings to others based in love rather than fear or self judgment.


Find freedom from the fear of vulnerability today! This is truly a life changing session that all should receive!


There are so many benefits to this session.


Here are some:


Ease in showing true vulnerability

Greater Sense of Self Worth

Abilitiy to walk away from those who disrespect you

Ability to attract those who treat you well

EXPAND the capacity of your heart to give unconditional love

HEAL troubled relationships & infuse them with Love

RELEASE tension, frustration & resentment

Freedom from sabotaging relationships

Closeness and Intimacy with Others

Experience conscious relating

EMPOWER yourself in all relationships

Being able to express human in the most uninhibited ways

Every outlet of your creative expression holding the intent of connecting with Infinite Love

A willingness to heal all aspects of self

Healing of allergies, physical pain, trauma, and emotional issues

Self Love and Acceptance

Seeing beyond limited perceptions about self, others, relationships

Transcending the darkness and harmonizing with God’s glorious light

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