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Forgiveness Healing Session with the Angels


Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular Price 99.99

Throughout life, sometimes people treat us in a way that causes us pain. It doesn't matter if the pain is intentional or unintentional it still leaves a mark on our souls. When we get hurt we can get angry at the person that hurt us and angry at ourselves for allowing it to happen. We can begin imagining revenge scenarios and wanting the worst to happen to that individual. In reality this sort of thinking is toxic to the system. It doesn't move us forward in life to where we want to be. It keeps us stuck. Even if the person is long gone these feelings can still emotionally tether us to them.

Forgiving someone who has hurt you doesn’t have to mean giving that person a pass, or asserting that their actions were okay. What healing forgiveness really means is that we allow ourselves to let go of our negative feelings of resentment, and move on with our lives, for our own sake.

Most of us deal with forgiveness issues at some time or another. There may be some issues weighing heavily upon you where you need to forgive yourself at a soul level or you may need to forgive another for something they have done to hurt you. This session will remove deeply imbedded resentments and heal the pain within stopping the damage that the poison (resentment) is doing to you.

There is a real place for anger - anger at injustice in any and all of its forms. But, anger almost always leads to resentment. Then, both the anger and resentment need healing. Healing neither excuses the cause of the anger or resentment, nor does it say that you are necessarily able to forget it. It does, however, change you and free you of the poison which has invaded your heart.

Healing is necessary because you have become the victim of a painful emotional wound. Gradually, the pressure which has been constantly building inside of you -- a pressure that only resentment and anger can build -- is relieved. Only forgiveness healing can provide relief from such destructive pressure.

Healing will be directed to the cause of the resentment or anger. Thus, you are no longer holding onto these issues and the pain. This healing takes place on the soul level so that these issues do not continue to cause energetic disturbances in your energy fields. Long held negative issues will be cleared and healed so that you can forgive and be forgiven.

During this session the Healing Angels will send you powerful forgiveness energies enabling you to forgive yourself and others. You will be assisted in this process by these lovely healing Angels from the Realms of Love and Light. During the forgiveness session they will be sending you unconditional love and powerful forgiveness energies.

The huge amounts of love Angels will be sending you, will help you to take the soul leap toward forgiving. The only thing you need is a sincere desire to forgive. The rest will be taken care of. During a forgiveness session the Angels are present and the energy of forgiveness is beautiful to see. Forgiving truly is a divine process.

Health benefits of forgiveness:

Better, more fulfilling relationships

Greater feelings of well being and decreased symptoms of depression

Lower blood pressure and better cardiovascular health

Less anxiety, stress and hostility

Lowered incidence of substance abuse

Greater spiritual and psychological well-being



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