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Illumination Healing Session - Release of imprints from the luminous field, Clearing of Chakras of Embedded Limiting Beliefs/Emotional Blockages


Session Duration: 120 Minutes

Regular price 149.99

Illumination Healing is an ancient energy healing handed down from the shamanic traditions of Peru. Our luminous energy field contains all our imprints of karmic, personal and ancestral memories, our traumas and our wounds. Through this powerful process we can change life patterns and imprints that no longer serve us. We address the deepest roots of illness and dis-ease which have occurred due to stressful and traumatic experiences we have encountered throughout our lives. These wounds are released and removed allowing us to heal the past and move forward free from heavy emotional ties, as well as reclaiming the vitality, aliveness and limitless energy we were born with.

This type of healing process is fast and sustainable whether it is used to release deep wounds and traumas or for general energy clearing.

 The Illumination process releases imprints from your luminous field by clearing chakras of embedded limiting belief systems and emotional blockages. Toxic energy is sought and eliminated. This process can eliminate debilitating negative energy, promoting longevity and strengthening the immune response.

 This approach involves the removal of energetic intrusions, or heavy energies, from the luminous energy field that surrounds a person, and infusing healing energy and light into the chakra system. The luminous field holds the template for our health. Heavy energies can accumulate over the course of a lifetime, or lifetimes, and interrupt the free flow of energy through the chakras. By clearing and transforming these heavy energies, the luminous field is free to re-inform and re-pattern the body back to health.

 The Illumination is the basic healing process for clearing imprints from the luminous body. It is the foundation of all healing sessions. The luminous body contains imprints that can affect the chakras with heavy, dark energy. Over time these imprints can cause disease in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Symptoms that indicate an Illumination may be needed include:

wanting to move forward in your life but not knowing how

persistent sadness, fear, or anxiety

disease or pain

lifestyle habits that you wish to change

low energy

feeling imbalanced (e.g., ungrounded or weighed down)

During the Illumination process, we work to remove heavy energy from the chakra and then overwrite the imprint with light. When the imprint is erased in this way, you are no longer informed by the past.

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