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Destiny Retrieval Session - Be in Resonance with Universal Soul, Create Your future, Envison New Possibilities


Session Duration 120 Minutes

Regular price 149.99


Destiny Retrieval is similar to a soul retrieval in that your practitioner travels for you to the upper world. This journey is associated with the time to come and provides an opportunity to experience your own magnificence. It connects you with possibilities that guide you to better health, and a richer, more meaningful life. Limiting beliefs that hold you back from your destiny will be cleared so that you can break free from patterns that no longer serve you, patterns that have inherited from your ancestors, so that you heal and age and die gracefully in an empowered way. It allows you to reinvent your body, breaking free from patterns of aging and disease passed onto you by your ancestors.


Destiny Retrieval Assists in reclaiming your life’s dream by tapping into shifting the momentum of your highest destiny to help guide you on your path to joy. This session will remove blocks to remembering why you were born, so that you are conscious of your soul contract that you agreed to before you were born. This is an intense healing session to assist you in following your true calling, whether spiritual, creative, or a call to be of service. Anything serving to keep you from embracing remembering emotionally, mentally, or energetically will be cleared.


Through destiny retrieval, we journey to the upper world to place ourselves in resonance with the Universal Soul (God, Cosmic, Spirit, or Allah, whatever one's word is for the Divine). Thus, we can relax, problem solve, or create our future.


Destiny Retrieval is a time honored Shamanic path to assist you in envisioning new possibilities for your life and making them real!


Destiny Retrieval helps you move beyond stuckness, and old behavior so you can see a new soul based vision of the life that you want and then actually create gets easier and you get the things you want!

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