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Extraction Healing Session - Removal of Spiritual/Psychic Intrusions, Stuck/Misplaced/Walk-in/Soul Loss/Blocked Energy!


Session Duration: 120 Minutes

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One of the primary causes of Spiritual Illness is the existence of intrusions of inappropriate or negative energies that have taken up residence in the body. These intrusions interfere with the normal functioning of the Spirit body and need to be extracted.


Intrusions can become lodged within our bodies via conscious or unconscious thought projections. Like “curses” or psychic attacks they can have a strong negative effect on the Spiritual body, but they can just as easily be self-created thought forms that have become toxic over years of negative self talk and poor self image, or from living in a Spiritually toxic environment.


Intrusions are more able to take hold when there has been loss of power or if the Soul is fragmented and depleted through Soul Loss. These toxic and invasive spiritual energies may also cause illness, or pain, often of an inflammatory nature, usually in localized areas of the body, although they may move from place to place. The inflammation and pain may often be deemed by Western medicine to be psychosomatic or to have no identifiable cause.


In this session I extract and remove these harmful energies from the body by performing an Extraction Healing Ceremony. Any energy that is extracted is disposed of and neutralized so it will not return.


Spiritual or "psychic" intrusions are energies that become lodged in our field. They may be experienced physically as illness, pain or physical discomfort or emotionally as anger or fear. In this session intrusions are safely removed and transmuted.


Symptoms of spiritual intrusion include: localized pain or discomfort, illness, fear, anger.


Life events and relationships may sometimes result in our carrying uncomfortable inclusions of energy in our spirit bodies. Shamanic Extraction is the process of removing these intrusions of incompatible energy. They are found and may be perceived as energy masses, objects, or even spirit beings.


As beings of energy, we are affected from all of life itself. This vibration of energy works on a very deep level held throughout the blue print of your unconsciousness, DNA, emotions and ultimately your spirit of who you truly are.


The spirit of who you really are is one of Inspiration, Love, compassion, and truth, Self-Belief, Awareness.

However, unresolved issues from the past can create:

Stuck Energy

Misplaced Energy

Walk-In Energy

Soul- Loss Energy


This blocked energy can be created from negative emotions, stress, childhood wounds, disconnection from oneself, addictions, an unhealthy attachment to another person or sent by another person. By entering an altered state of consciousness I am able to access information from your energy field by using my Clairvoyant and Clairsentient gifts. I am able to remove the misplaced energy from the part of the body where it is held. After removal the misplaced energy is placed in an ethereal golden vessel and given to the earth with the assistance of the spiritual guides. New energetic life force is replaced and sealed into the body part, throughout this process you are in a relaxed, warm state of relaxation,


The Extraction Process is a removes heavy, dense energies and entities from the physical body. Sometimes energies can crystallize and become embedded in the body almost as if they were material objects. These are called crystallized energies. These energies become hardened just like scar tissue that develops after a wound and need to be manually removed.


These energies may have developed from previous lifetimes or from negative energies from other people. Every form of energy has a frequency and a vibration. Thoughts are a form of energy. Negative thoughts from others can penetrate our Luminous Energy Fields (LEF) if we have an affinity for them and can wound us as if being “stabbed behind the back”. Other types of energies that need to be extracted are fluid energies. Fluid extractions consist of intrusive energies and entities. Unlike crystallized energies that stay in one part of the body, intrusive energies and entities are fluid and can travel throughout the physical body since they are embedded within the central nervous system and the chakras.


Crystallized and intrusive energies need to be extracted from the physical body to allow for optimal functioning. They feed off of us like parasites and at our expense. Just like the liver and other detoxification organs are given a break during a detoxification program, so are all the bodily systems during the Extraction Processes. Think of it as a detoxification program on an energetic level. Toxic energies are removed that would have ordinarily been a burden to the physical body.

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