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Entity Contamination Healing, Clearing, and Shielding Session

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Entity Contamination Healing, Clearing, and Shielding Session

Session Duration: 120 Minutes

Regular price 200.00

Many times people think that removal of an entity, hook, spell, curse, attachment, discarnate energy pattern, thought form, psychic attack, hex, etc, is all that is needed and that with the removal all is well. However, this is far from truth. For the purposes of this session when we refer to entity it can be defined as an entity/demon/spirit/ghost or anything perceived as outside of you that feeds off your energy or emotions. It can be a thought form that has taken on a life of its own, a discarnate energy pattern with malicious or non-malicious intent, a hook or attachment from one or more persons, or a discarnate being that feeds off the energy or thoughts of its host, or a psychic vampire that has been draining your life force energy.

An entity can jump from person to person or from apparently nowhere and is very easy to attract in these accelerated times. You are susceptible to entity contamination when you are with people, out shopping, at the movies, or at a restaurant. Expelling is easy! But, this is only one aspect of the healing and clearing needed to restore you to perfect health and well being once more.

Many problems can be caused by entity contamination, including depression, anxiety, fear, addictions, suicidal tendencies, phobias, relationship difficulties, bad health, rage, hyperactivity, crabbiness, money problems, and blocks to personal and spiritual growth.

This session is designed to do two things. First, is to do extensive healing, clearing and cleansing of all areas that were damaged by the presence/influence of the entity, on all levels of your being, as well as the aura and the chakras, the mind, body soul thus healing you of the problems and issues mentioned in this listing. As well, clearing all negative energy and emotions, and the trauma caused and stored due to these attacks/contaminations/invasions. You will be purified of all negativity caused by entity contamination. Secondly in this session you will receive protective shielding to prevent any future attacks and or contamination.

You can order two of these sessions if you would also like to purify, cleanse, clear, balance, any space, of psychic or entity contamination.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Entity Contamination

Sudden depression, rage, edginess, anger, sadness, or anxiety

Feeling suddenly dizzy or off-balance


Repetitive or weird thoughts

Personality changes

Chronic or sudden health concerns

Manic depression



Relationship problems

Multiple personalities

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