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Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary Compassion Healing Session


Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary Compassion Healing Session©

Session Duration: 120 Minutes

Regular price 140.00

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Healing here in this session, will connect you to Ascended Master Jesus’ loving heart so that you become familiar with the inner life of the Master and embody His virtues and sentiments. It will assist you in identifying with His Master’s heart, the seat of love which love All without condition or reservation. Mother Mary and her beautiful, gentle, Immaculate Heart Energy, as channeled through me, as a full body channel, will release the hold that negative energies, memories and actions have upon you restoring your inner harmony with the Love of the Divine. Healing will be given to childhood wounds from mistreatment so that you no longer blame and despise yourself for being unlovable. Mother Mary will help you to cultivate love and compassion for self and others.


Mary and Jesus will work to remove negative thought patterns that block you from self love and compassion. Negative thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself will be released so that you stop dwelling on your past mistakes and forgive yourself, show yourself mercy and compassion.


As well, through connecting to you on the deepest heart levels, you will know their compassion, and cultivate greater abilities to express from the deepest compassion of love and forgiveness that Jesus and Mother Mary exemplified during their time on the Earth plane and beyond. Lower natured emotions, such as fear and anger, un-forgiveness, will be released so that you are free to express compassion and forgiveness for the Self and for others so that love remains. As you go about the spiritual errand of truly forgiving yourself and others this allows you to move forward on your path to remembering the Divine ONE that you are. Experiencing the true heart of Christed Compassion and Forgiveness in this session often brings up emotions for the recipient. Tears of joy often fall as you let go and surrender in Divine love.


Whatever has been keeping you from expressing the deep compassion you desire, will be cleared so that you can forgive yourself and others, feel compassion for the Child of the Divine that you are, that everyone IS.


The collective loving energies of Jesus and Mother Mary will help you to enhance your love for yourself! We go through our lives with certain beliefs and sometimes those beliefs are false ones adopted from injuries and hurts or wounded aspects of ourselves. In session negative messages that you have said to yourself repeatedly which have formed limiting and false beliefs in the subconscious will be removed and replaced with loving, positive, affirming messages. Mother Mary and Jesus will reprogram those thoughts and so that they are in alignment with Divine Love and truth.


If you have trouble speaking your truths in love, Mother Mary and Jesus, will work to assist you in using your voice in such a way that you honor what you believe to be right and best for you even if it is different from that of others. In this way you will begin to speak up and voice your needs, thoughts, feelings to others. Blocks to self care will be removed so that you do things for yourself that nurture your mind, body, spirit – soul.


Through this session you can expect to receive deeper levels of compassion, strong desires to forgive self and others, see the Divine in self and others, experience deeper levels of self love, greater capacity to love others, experience emotional balance, feel lighter and more Divinely Radiant and so much more!


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