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Fear of Rejection Healing and Clearing Session


Fear of Rejection Healing and Clearing Session

90 Minutes

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The fear of rejection can interfere with forming healthy relationships. Struggles in relationships can often be related to the deep wounds of rejection. You may be surrounded by people who love you, but it can be difficult to fully feel and receive that love due to the wounds of rejection. There seems to be a wall up that blocks the flow of love into your life. This session will heal the wounds, release the pain and remove the blocks to the flow of love into your life so that you can receive love without fear of rejection.


When rejection occurs during childhood it leaves a lingering pain that is experienced even in adulthood. Children and adults have the need to be loved and accepted. Rejection occurs when these needs are neglected or overlooked. Whenever rejection is experienced it is painful, however, the long-term effect of living as though you are rejected is even more painful.


We experience rejection when the significant people in our lives refuse to see how important their love and acceptance really is. Rejection may come as a result of actual abandonment, neglect, or simply a lack of affection.


This session is designed to do deep soul healing for the deep wounds to your soul from rejection so that you do not feel unimportant, unloved and insignificant anymore. The pain from the experience of rejection will not just go away without healing.


Many people are stuck, or "locked in time", desperately needing to be set free from the pain of past rejections. Until healing is received, you will live life as though you are still being rejected. This causes you to feel as if you are still being rejected today even though it has been 20 years since a rejection occurred.


In session the pain of rejection energy will be released, healing will be given to you to assist you in the pain of the losses you have experienced. You will be filled with the energy of forgiveness so that you can let go of what you have lost. There are often layers of grief, pain, that need to be released. Healing is like peeling an onion, with tears you peel it one layer at a time. This can be a very emotional session and it may take more than one session to remove the layers of suppressed emotions and pain. The pain is like a pocket of infection that must be cleaned out so the wounds can heal.


The Healing Angels will come in and surround you in the energy of unconditional love and acceptance to fill the spaces where you were harboring pain and suppressed emotions. They will give you all the love and acceptance that you have always needed to heal the wounds of rejection you have experienced in childhood and adulthood. The Angels will Create energy space around you and so that you feel emotionally safe.


We often develop negative reactions, defense mechanisms, and even reject ourselves due to rejection wounds, and fear of being rejected again. Healing and clearing will be done for the negative reactions, behaviors and coping strategies mentioned at the bottom of this listing. Painful reoccurring patterns in your life as a result of rejection wounds/fear of rejection will be removed so that they no longer limit your happiness with self and others. These patterns will be removed from within your energy fields and work on the negative and stagnant things that are in your patterning that are causing these issues. Removing the issues, clearing these patterns and imprints starts your energy off fresh and new to live your life free of the fear of rejection once again!


Belief issues adopted due to the wounds of rejection will be removed from your subconscious mind so that these do not cause blockages to your energetic field that can hold you back from experiencing, receiving and giving, unconditional love to the Self and others. Many people do not even realize that they are carrying around all of these beliefs until they start seeing patterns within their lives. The old, negative, limiting and false beliefs adopted from rejection wounding will be removed and replaced with truth affirming beliefs that promote love and happiness within the self and your relationships with others.

Aggressive Reactions

- rejecting others

- the refuse of being comforted






-aggressive attitudes

-harshness, hardened heart



-low self-esteem


-lack of safety

-sadness, self pity,

-the refusal to communicate

-fear of failure, fear of other's opinion and other fears

-anxiety, worry, depression, pessimism, lack of hope, etc.


Defense Mechanisms

-fight for independence, performance, competition



-criticism, judgmental

-manipulation and control


-pride, arrogance


-emotional immaturity




Experience Healing as an alternative approach towards your radiant emotional health

See the new possibilities

Feel the freedom

Hear the whispers of the Angels calling you to healing...

It's time for a change.

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