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Fear of Being Alone Release and Clearing Session


Fear of Being Alone Release and Clearing Healing Session©

Session Duration: 90 Minutes

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Is the fear of being alone keeping you in an unloving or abusive relationship?


Do you rationalize that, no matter how bad it is, it is better than being alone? Does it feel as if you can't go on if you end up alone?


One of the biggest causes of the fear of being alone is self abandonment. Imagine yourself as a baby being left alone -- a terrifying situation. As a tiny child, you cannot take care of yourself. You cannot get food to eat or water to drink. You cannot change your own diaper. Left alone long enough, you will die.


As an adult, this is certainly not the situation. However, if you have handed over to your partner/or another person the job of your physical and/or emotional well-being, it feels the same as being an abandoned child. This may cause a fear of being alone. If you were to take full responsibility for yourself -- valuing yourself, listening to yourself, taking loving care of yourself physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually -- you might not fear being alone.


In this session we will correct and heal the energetic imbalances on an energetic level - including patterns, and programming, issues, that cause the fear of being alone. The damage will be repaired to the affected areas of self including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological.

 Limiting issues will be healed on the energetic level. As the programmed fears, thoughts, emotions are released from your energy fields, aura, chakras, bodies and subconscious so that these are no longer keeping you stuck in unhealthy situations out of fear of being alone. Thus, you will stop abandoning yourself!

 False and limiting subconscious beliefs that keep you locked into abandoning yourself and fearing being alone will be removed and replaced by positive truth filled beliefs. Self love and self care energy will assist you in taking responsibility for yourself and promote self care, as well as help you to value and respect yourself more.


Negative behaviors that you have adopted as a result of fear of being alone will be cleared so that you are no longer seeking to control your partner or others with anger, blame, tears or compliance, etc. The healing energy will give you strength to stop putting up with intolerable or abusive behavior. The tendency towards abandoning yourself will be healed and corrected.


In some unhealthy relationships you can feel extremely lonely within the relationship, perhaps more so that if you were alone, and therefore, tolerate the deep loneliness and heartbreak just to avoid being alone. If the last sentence describes your circumstance this healing session will be especially beneficial to you so that you begin to take responsibility for your own feelings, release your loneliness and connect with the love, wisdom and guidance of the Higher Self.


You are never alone, and when you learn to connect deeply with your true higher self and your guidance, you will know you are never alone. It is this deep inner connection that takes away the fear of being alone. You will be reconnected to the Higher Self and to the Divine Source.







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