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The Star of Bethlehem Healing Session with Ascended Master Jesus


Star of Bethlehem Healing Session with Ascended Master Jesus©

Session Duration 90 Minutes

Regular price 99.99

  The Star of Bethlehem Healing session comes from Ascended Master Jesus, through me as a full body channel, to give you a healing and transforming energy session to help you in facing serious challenges of life, so that you do not lose all sense of direction and do not wander through life aimlessly missing important paths and directions. The energy brings knowledge of eternal good and truth from the Divine so that you are able to acquire spiritual knowledge to guide you in difficult situations, thus restoring a sense of direction to your life.  

This session is especially helpful when you feel your life is like a dark forest that you are having difficulty finding your way through. In session, the Light will come in to shine on what is dark and uncertain so you can find your way to truth, direction and purpose. The darkness and confusion created by self will be dispelled by the penetrating Light which enters. Negative thoughts, false truths and beliefs, will be released so that they no longer suppress enlightenment. As a result, you will experience clear thinking.

 Most report that the energy of this session feels loving, nurturing, all encompassing and brings a sense of safety and security. This is because it is infused with Master Jesus‘ loving energy. If you need to gain access to guidance for any step that you need to take in your life path this session is for you.  Follow the Light of the Star, let it guide you as you go forward on your path of purpose.

Move from separateness to Oneness, frightened darkness to healing lightness and from fear to love. The illusion of separateness will be dissolved and this will bring forward compelling insights and all kinds of deep healing.

 The Star of Bethlehem session brightens, brings new light, dispelling what is dark and uncertain, replacing it with light, truth, and knowledge, uplifting your spirits - connecting you to great joy, universal love, bringing feelings of lightness, and joyfulness within and all around you attracting to you like energy. Thus, promoting abundantly the greatest possible joy in the heart.

 The uplifting of your spirits will equally uplift you emotionally opening up portals to more expansive thoughts and possibility thinking so that you can think much bigger becoming your own true Light emitting Heavenly radiance and your inherent Universal nature.


Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy

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