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Fear of Change Healing and Clearing Session


Fear of Change Clearing and Healing Session

Session Duration: 90 Minutes

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The fear of CHANGE is a very common phenomena within every human being. It may not be recognizable until we seek to make some change in our habits, or face some transitional period in our lives.


Plenty of people claim they want to start attracting abundance, but they have little understanding or appreciation for the power of their fears of making any changes or "rocking the boat." These conscious or unconscious fears are very powerful, but fortunately they can be treated and eliminated through healing.


If the underlying beliefs about change (change is dangerous, they won't like me anymore) aren't neutralized, then any gains realized from using any and all techniques will be only temporary.


The fear of Change Clearing and Healing Session works to release you of the fear of change so that you are not stuck in life due to negative programming and beliefs in the subconscious. In this session the negative programming will be released and replaced with positive core beliefs regarding Fear of Change and related issues.



Removal of all core false, limiting, subconscious beliefs that involve fear of change and resistance to change, including stubbornness, rigidity in life/attitudes, stuck ways of thinking, fixed/stagnant ways of thinking.

Programming to assist you in digesting and assimilating all changes with ease, becoming flexible in your attitudes and allowing life to flow, positive thoughts that are for your highest and best good.

Healing for any digestive problems and or constipation, brain tumors, and or any other physical issue caused by Fear of Change.

Programming to assist you in letting go of the past.

Programming to enable you to release any and every thing that no longer serves you physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Examples of common unconscious/conscious false and limiting belief programs.


"I don't want to change."

"I'm afraid to change."

"Others will feel threatened if I change."

"I want to stay where I am because it feels safe and familiar."

"I have this conflict about success."

"I don't want to rock the boat."

"It's easier to stay where I am."


Examples of Positive Affirming Belief Programs:


"I do want to change."

"Everyone can handle me changing."

"It is safe to embrace prosperity."

"I love realizing my potential."

"I deserve wealth and abundance."

"I appreciate all the abundance I already have."

"I appreciate who I am."

“Change is easy and pleasant.”

“ I have the courage to change.”


It is necessary to remove all fears, and false, limiting beliefs, before doing any reprogramming so the session begins with scanning imprints that are blocking you from your life goals. Blocks and resistance to change are released. Resistance energy from the deeper mind is removed during this process allowing change to be of greatest benefit to your needs. You will be released from the past so that you move forward with ease.


Experience greater happiness and success in your life by overcoming the Fear of Change.

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