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Adamantine-Vayra Armor Mantras Empowerments and Tibetan Mantras Healing Empowerments of the Elements by Ramon Martinez Lopez




Adamantine-Vayra armor mantras



Tibetan mantras healing empowerments of the elements


An ultimate healing system


Channeled by ramón martínez


The Vairocanabhisambodhi-sutra was a work in the history of Tantric

Buddhism, offering one of the first fully developed expositions of this form of

Buddhism. In India and Tibet it came to be secret as a Carya Tantra, or “Practice

Tantra,” corresponding to the second category of what was to become in

Tibet the standard fourfold classification of Buddhist tantras, only to be eventually

superseded to a large degree by the Sarvatathagatatattva samgraha and

the large body of literature spawned by this latter text (corresponding to the

Yoga and Anuttarayoga Tantras). In East Asia, on the other hand, the Vairocana -

bhisambodhi-sutra has remained together with the Sarvatathagata tattva samgraha

one of the two basic texts of Esoteric Buddhism and could indeed be said to

have been the more influential of the two. (A translation of the Sarvatathagata -

tattva samgraha, under the title Adamantine Pinnacle Sutra, appears in the volume

Two Esoteric Sutras, Numata Center, 2001.)


To date no manuscript of the original Sanskrit text of the Vairocana bhisambodhi-sutra has been discovered (although a number of passages are either

referenced in other Sanskrit works or preserved in Chinese transcription), but it was

translated into Chinese (Taisho no. 848) and Tibetan (Peking no. 126). The Sanskrit

title preserved in the Tibetan translation is Mahavairocana bhisambodhi -

vikurvita dhirsthana-vaipulya sutrendraraja-nama-dharmaparyaya (Dharma Discourse

Called “Mahavairocana’s Enlightenment, Miracles, and Empowerment,”

King of the Best of the Extensive Scriptures). The title of the Chinese version,

on the other hand, may be translated as “Scripture of the Enlightenment, Supernatural

Transformations, and Empowerment of Mahavairocana,” but the Chinese

commentary informs us that the full title included the words Mahavaipulya -

sutrendra raja, which tallies closely with the title preserved in the Tibetan

translation. (The term vaipulya-sutra, or “extensive scripture,” is a common


designation of Mahayana sutras.) Buddhaguhya, its chief commentator in India,

meanwhile, refers to it as a tantra, and Sanskrit texts generally cite it simply as

Vairo canabhisambodhi or Vairocana bhisambodhi-tantra. Since the Chinese

translator Subha kara silha does not use the word tantra (and although it is

widely known as the Mahavairocana-sutra), it will hereafter be referred to as

the Vairo cana bhisambodhi-sutra.

The Chinese translation was produced in seven fascicles by Subha kara -

silha (637U735) and his Chinese disciple Yixing (683U727) in 724U5, apparently

on the basis of a manuscript sent to China some decades earlier by the

Chinese monk Wuxing, who died in India in 674. rigorously speaking, it is only

The first six fascicles in thirty-one chapters that correspond to the Vairocanabhi -

sambodhi-sutra proper, with Fascicle Seven (in five chapters) composing a ritual

manual that is preserved as a separate work in the Tibetan canon (Peking

no. 3488). The Tibetan translation, on the other hand, was produced almost a

century later in the early ninth century by Silendrabodhi and dPal-brtsegs, and

in addition to the base text in twenty-nine chapters it includes a “Continuation

Tantra” (Uttara-tantra) in seven chapters not found in the Chinese version.


In this workshop you are attuned and empowered to the


Ritual of the mystic seal of the adamantine armor mantra


And the later Tibetan vajra armor mantra


And cosmic diamond armor mantra


And how to empower elements with unique mantras



Also you are going to know how to be prepare for a ritual healing, meditation and shield.


Able to remove evil-minded beings of extreme ferocity,

You will see adamantine blazing fiery light all over the ground.

Overcome negative forces. Remove many negative forces and illnesses.

By merely binding this ritual [seal], immeasurable armies of the

heavenly negative forces

And other obstructors will all most certainly disperse.

with it and adamantine armor, and on description of this secret embellishment you will become indestructible, like a vajra in nature. All those who hear your

voice or see or touch you will most certainly be with all merits completely accomplished, and you will be

equal to the World-honored One Vairocana, with no difference.


The Vajra Armor Mantra is not only a powerful healing method, but a deep path to illumination, ultimately leading to the achievement of the rainbow body. It is one of the few paths, along with P’howa, that do not require the Ngondro (the 500,000 accumulations) as a prerequisite to practice. It is a path in its own right, with many levels and degrees of mastery. As one traverses the path, through a series of short retreats and ongoing practice, one systematically purifies the five elements within one’s own body and thus attains the ability to purify the elemental imbalances in another. In this way, diseases are removed. With further training, the practitioner cuts through the five poisons of anger, desire, ignorance, jealousy and pride, and in turn attains the ability to work directly with the elemental essences in the environment. Thus, one is able to control the weather patterns, increase prosperity, subjugate harmful influences and restore peace and harmony. In advanced stages of training, one gains control over therefore preventing the rise and spread of contagious disease, natural disasters, and poverty. In the final stages of practice, the three poisons are transformed into the three kayas, and the five poisons become the five wisdoms. thus the very elemental essences of one’s body are transmuted into the five wisdom lights, and one’s own body is transformed into the ‘rainbow body.’

Asssists in appeasing Energetic Imbalances & Disturbances – within one’s Physical & Subtle Energy Systems. A “Healing” Effect may take place on different levels. This occurs due to the Rebalancing Energies projected to all of those within the range of the Sound of the Mantra. Both the Inner and Outer Elements of All receiving these Precious Benefits - are Affected and Positively Transformed - into Healing Regenerative Energies as well as - Divine Protection. The Vajra Armor Mantra (sometimes called The Dorje Gotrab Mantra). In particular is said to possess an “Infinite Potential” to Balance many complex relationships within the various parts of one’s physical and subtle bodies.

Long suspended as a Secret Practice - The Vajra Armor Mantra- is one of the oldest & most important Sadhanas, practices, in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. This Mantra has been used for over 1,000 years. This great Mantra is reported to have been first brought to Tibet by Guru, Lord Padmasambhava (known as the 2nd Buddha and also known as Guru Rinpoche) – in a unusual form of one of His expressions – that of Guru Drakpo - in the form of Dorje Go-Drab, Dorje Gotrab or Gotrap. at that time this mantra, which shall be known as The Vajra Armor, or ”Ngak-Bum Dorje Go-Drab.” It is the One Mantra that is the Source of the 100,000 Methods and will be needed to Save Beings from this Immense Suffering.

If you place one hundred percent trust in this mantra - then this mantra will Cure Disease, Protect and Prevent Illness, Calamities, Restore Balance to the Environment, and most importantly destroy the true cause of All Suffering - rage, need and unawareness …”

Regular Practitioners consider this Mantra to be effective in treating All Kinds of Diseases, Purifying Negative Energies and Protection from a wide variety of Dangers, Disasters, Afflictions & Adversities. It is considered to be One of the Most Powerful Healing Practices.

The Sadhana of The Vajra Armor Mantra is meant to provide its Practitioners with a “Diamond-Like outfit of Spiritual Armor”.

The term “Vajra” means Adamantine or Diamond like – It is extremely valuable.

Once one has skillful this Sadhana … one can fearlessly meet the needs of the ill under any and all situations. In addition, this Practice is also highly recommended for the Patients themselves. One may heal all sorts of otherwise Dangerous and unmanageable Diseases.


This Practice was shaped by Guru Padmasambhava, the Tantric Guru who brought - Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet in the 8th Century.

(It is said that its) Practice is especially effective for Cancer and stubborn skin diseases like Psoriasis –

Where according to Tibetan medicine – there is a strong component of Spiritual aggravation or Attack.

Tibetan Mantra Healing

What is Tibetan Mantra Healing?

Tibetan Mantra Healing is a powerful form of healing dating from ancient times, Modern physics confirms what many ancient cultures have known for many years - that energy and form are interchangeable; they are simply different manifestations of the same universal constituents. Mantra Healing focuses specifically on the energy of sound as a healing medium.

Tibetan Mantra Healing utilizes ancient and secret mantras: sometimes sum up the essence of natural sounds, and often using ancient words from the Sanskrit and Tibetan languages. A Mantra Healer must have full transmission from a qualified lightworker teacher to practice this form of healing.

How does Mantra Healing work?

Mantra is a vibration healing technique. Sound waves or vibrations are able to permeate our system at a deep cellular level. The raising of our inner vibration through the use of sound, in this case Mantra Healing, make use of the energy of sound to remedy any primary energetic disorder, treating the root cause, as well as the related symptoms. There are literally hundreds of different Mantras for Healing. They can help with all physical, mental, spiritual and emotional circumstances.

How are Mantras used for Healing?

The appropriate Mantra is recited a certain number of times to activate its power, then the breath which represents the essence of the Voice, and therefore contains the subtle energy of Sound is used to energies a healing area.

Goes to a cosmic level beyond the Buddha consciousness. it opens a cosmic channel down to your feet to empower, protect, clean and cleans your body an subtle bodies.


Remember to apply the energy in a fluent manner do not insist in the stagnant areas; emotional, physical, mental or spiritual, let the energy flow and you feel-see greatly rewarded. Let the energy be built by itself. Follow your intuition. Take notes about the information that you receive if necessary. Practice is the means to develop the energy for improving your life and the life of others.

This is the first level for practitioner only



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