Magic of Dragon Fire by Lavinia - Love Stories, Business Affairs, Awakening Psychic Abilities, Divine Wisdom, Pushes Intentions Fast Forward!


Magic of Dragon Fire

....dragon fire...the magic power of the dragons!

This energy can do more than you would believe. It burns up, arouses, and flares up again. Activate it for everything and anything either to be burned, kindled or burned again.

This magical power pushes you and your intentions extremely fast forward!

Everything which is stuck, will be torn from its anchors and carried aloft. This grace was given by the Dragons of Fire. Use the energy for magical purposes, for love stories, business affairs, spiritual healing, spiritual growth, awakening psychic abilities, divine wisdom and much more!

Use the energy wise and enjoy your life!


As per founder : This system is not eligible for buy one get one free offers, and can never be offered for free, in packages, on ebay, in reiki friendships, swap sites/networks or the like. This system is not eligible in packages or as part of any buy one get one free offer. This is a fixed priced system set by the founder.


With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate


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