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Setrap Empowerment by Ramon Martinez Lopez - Protection from Black Magic/Spirit Disturbances, Removing Obstacles, and More!


Founder: Ramon Martinez Lopez

You will receive the manual, certificate and the following distant attunements for Setrap Empowerment.


setrap and mantra empowerment


lineage mantra attunement


phonon reversed attunements

Setrap, a wrathful emanation of Amitabha Buddha, is an ancient Dharma Protector from the holy land of Bodhgaya in India. Sworn to protect the teachings of Buddha, Setrap’s practice was introduced to Tibet, and has since flourished. He has been the Dharma Protector of Gaden Shartse Monastery for the past 600 years.

Setrap’s main intention is to swiftly alleviate our immediate problems and create a conducive condition for spiritual practice. In response to the sincere prayers requesting for his assistance, his mantra brings relief from all sorts of negative energies; ie: black magic, and grants strong protection against paranormal harm.

The Protector Setrap appears to us as a wrathful emanation of the Buddha Amitabha, where he protects us as angry, though concerned, parents would towards their wayward children ~ hoping to wake them to their senses and bring them onto the correct path. Though in a wrathful form, the Protector is always motivated by compassion and loving care for all sentient beings.

As an Enlightened Buddha, Setrap’s apparent fury is never directed against any beings. Instead, his wrath is directed at destroying our inner and secret defilements of attachment, anger, ignorance and our self-cherishing attitudes which bring us so much suffering.




• Protection from black magic and spirit disturbances

• Removing physical and mental obstacles

• Creating conducive conditions for spiritual practice


You are attuned to yaksha also:

Yaksha (Sanskrit: यक्ष yakṣa) is the name of a broad class of nature-spirits, usually benevolent, who are caretakers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots


Amitabha is translatable as "Infinite Light," thus Amitabha is often called "The Buddha of Infinite Light."


What is Reverse Speech?

Reverse Speech, also called the 'voice of the spirit' is the phenomenon of receiving and identifying messages from the unconscious mind and therefore is another form of human communication. These messages are generated automatically when we speak and are accessed by recording forward speech. This recording is then played back in reverse. The messages or 'reversals' are found juxtaposed amongst the gibberish.


Phonon Reverse speech attunement


Phonon, refers to the particles of divine sound like.


This manual includes a reversed mantra recitation for protection, it is recommended after the attunement to take notes of messages that come from your subconscious mind



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