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Wellness Healing Session - Experience Wellness in an Area of your Life - Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually or Mentally!


Wellness Healing Session

Session Duration: 90 Minutes

The Wellness Healing Session allows you to customize your healing session in that you set an intention to heal a specific area or issue, whether spiritual, physical, mental or emotional. Be sure to mention what your intentions for your session are so that a modality which is be best suited to address the presented issue can be chosen.

 Disturbances and distortions within the aura, energy field are removed. I work at different frequencies and ” in different levels” of the field. Each level has its proper frequency. I raise or lower the vibration to restore the proper frequency to the effected area. Energetic anomalies that are present are removed, or repairs are made to the energetic grid/matrix that make up the field.

As the session comes to close I will infuse your field field with a fast energy from the 6th level and then seal all the work that was done within the “golden egg” of the 7th level.

The ultimate benefit the Wellness Session is alignment of one’s inner and outer landscapes with one’s Divinely appointed path. Each session removes distortions that prevent one from living one’s path. Some of these distortions manifest in a physical condition such as migraines, or bladder issues or hepatitis. Others manifest is the mental realm where fulfilment and success never seem to materialize no matter the effort exerted. Still other distortions show up in ones relationships, the “guy/gal always leaves’, others seem to be standing in one’s way of progression, or maybe ones connection between self and God/Divine/Spirit/Source, or doesn’t seem to know that you exist.

Any one of the aforementioned distortions can and have been eased via a Wellness Healing Session. Some clients have received “miraculous” healing like a functional bladder after being plague with Interstitial Cystitis (Painful Bladder Syndrome) or a more healthy liver after years of HepC. Infection. Other clients have received peace of mind after a treatment for grief of having a loved one transition, or “loosing” a promotion. Still other have had relationships discord dissolve after a Wellness Session.

After the session you may or may not be aware of any changes on the physical level. Changes were made and if you continue to work with your intention to heal your issue, that issue will be resolved and be noticeable better immediately or within a very short time frame.

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