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Mega Love Beauty Reflection by Wara Estrini - Self Acceptance, Intuition, Supreme Love, Compassion, Patience, Protection from Negative Energies


Founder: Wara Estrini

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

Mega Love Beauty Reflection is a powerful energy beam of gentle and widest heart to receive and give from all form of love. Widest love aids us in self-acceptance and make a deal with our emotions. This energy return and reminds that the human need to love, be loved and appreciation for the existence. Mega Love Beauty Reflection helps soothe any restlessness caused by external factors that enter in life. It is could protect us from negative energies in order to stay focused on the preservation of noble purpose.


Mega Love Beauty Reflection aids sharpen inner depth, sensitivity and intuition about anything contained in any events. This process leads us to development of wisdom of view, assessing, and addressing/ responding the problem of live. This will increase the patience, receive, sincerity, alignment of supreme Love and compassion.

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