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Fear of the Unknown Healing and Clearing Session


Session Duration : 90 Minutes

Regular Price 99.99

Are you fearful of making changes because of your fear of the unknown? Are you not fulfilling your destiny or goals because you cannot find the way through the fear of the unknown? If this sounds like you, then this session is perfect for you as it will assist you in finally conquering and healing the fear of the unknown!

The fear of the unknown causes all kinds of problems, such as worry, anxiety, procrastination, unwillingness to take risks, to grow, evolve, heal, etc. It can bring feelings of now feelgn safe in the world and keep us from showing up and joining in!

The Fear of the Unknown clearing and healing session is designed to clear and remove the Fear associated with the unknown. You will receive deep healing for your FEAR and need to Control the outcome of things in your life. Unhelpful, unhealthy, unnecessary fear associated with the unknown will be cleared.

This energy healing session is designed to propel you forward, enabling you to navigate through life with the power that is inherent within you. It helps you move through the fear, pain, and of course, the unknown, with both curiosity and courage!

Misconceptions and false, limiting beliefs regarding your True Self will be removed so that these no longer keep you from achieving your goals and so that you are provided with opportunities for healing, personal growth and expansion. Areas where you are stuck will be healed so that you continue to evolve and move into life-changing full Consciousness.

Step away from your conditioning, your personal stories of pain and suffering and shed the fear of the unknown so that the bindings that hold you back and keep you small can be removed so you can move upward and onward and grow fully into each new stage of your life in absence of the fear of the unknown. This session supports you to leave the safety of the familiar and step into the unknown, the unchartered territories so that you live a more fulfilling life and dare to courageously explore the potentials and possibilities available to you! Step out of fear today, placing your feet firmly on the path towards fulfillment of your hearts desires and reach your full potential on all levels!


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