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Extensive Soul Clearance- Across All Lifetimes Session

Duration: 180 minutes

Regular price 199.99

Every one of us in a physical body at this time in planetary evolution is here because we have a mission. We are here to aid each other in the Divine Plan of saving ourselves and Planet Earth. To accomplish this mission, we are best served by holding as much Light as possible, by letting go of the pains of the past, and by embracing our true heritage as Beings of Light.

We have each been here many times. Yes, there are a few rare exceptions, those who have only recently chosen to participate in Earth School, but for the most part we are all experienced in earth lives. As such we have all lived through many "educational" experiences. Some of these experiences have left painful memories or emotional imprints upon our souls, and consequently, through our DNA, upon our physical being. Our physical vehicles are the reflection of all that we have ever experienced. As we release past life pains and imprints, we gain more Light in this life, allowing our soul, our very being, to move forward in unexpected ways.

During The Extensive Soul Clearance Session psychic baggage from past lives is released including vows taken hundreds of years ago, paradigms that limit spiritual growth, negative contracts and cords, and much more. This work not only has a positive impact upon the energetic body, it greatly improves the future as well.

The Extensive Soul Clearance Session may be needed when a person feels "hounded" by negative thought forms (of their own or others' creation); addictive, obsessive or self-destructive behaviors; chronic and complex health problems that conventional medicine may have dubbed as "psychosomatic illness"; chronic depression and panic attacks. In such cases, people need assistance to remove these harmful influences. Working with Higher Beings, I will do a scan/examination in which I request, and receive, information about what is harming you. Then, as a result of a very methodical series of prayer requests, the soul clearance begins to takes place. Shielding is set up and you are "sealed" to protect you from being influenced further by these harmful agents.

Examples of the ways in which The Extensive Soul Clearance Session helps are removing negative entities and etheric implants, sealing open portal ways, healing the golden web, removing negative influences, rescinding karmic oaths and obligations, and clearing the person's home of harmful geopathic and other negative electromagnetic effects. The session also focuses on removing these effects from a person's past-life associations.

As a result of untold numbers of past lives, negative patterns and "programs" accumulate within one’s cellular memories in often staggering numbers— re-manifesting lifetime after lifetime. In addition, "built-in" obstructions to clearing these patterns may have prevented other healing modalities from being effective, or lasting, in the current lifetime. Included: removing--from current and other lifetimes--programs that automatically reinstate what was cleared, Reptilian and other interfaces & implants, etc. These involve hundreds of millions of programs.

Certain implants must be de-activated and then removed. Blockages to their removal must also be cleared. Of particular help is the removal of reptilian implants and interfaces from PAST lives, as we have all had to have these in order to "get by" and to survive on a day-to-day basis with the reptilians who always have been in the seats of power. Since this work is done from a distance, although physical implants cannot be removed, they can be de-activated.

Mind control can be exerted by people, entities or even personal beliefs. I know of no case in which simply altering thoughts & emotions can get rid of these harmful mind-control idea-implants. If programming has not been removed, negative personality-based, and negative past-life based, patterns easily can reinstate themselves.

Also included: removal (across lifetimes) of: Life-drain spells and low attractor fields (the latter includes burning at the stake, imprisonment, misidentification of demons as gods, atheism, plague, etc.). Negative karmic holograms preventing healing and wholeness. Virtual realities blocking healing and or soul advancement. Alien implants and interfaces. Other types of implants – physical, etheric, energetic, holographic, self-induced, ritual abuse, and the like. Ability Blocking Devices. Harmful start programs, automatic re-start programs and repeating programs. Retrieval of vital, lost, life force energy.Karmic motifs--and whether life choices are free-will-based or based in such realities as political and religious realities. Neutralizes such adverse influences as karmic realities, karmic imprints & karmic implants; transgenerational memories, miasms, and interferences. Adverse-Influences included is the neutralizing of adverse frequency "broadcasts," electromagnetic "critters," "mental malpractice" caused by so-called "healers" (who really are possessed), and various holographic distortions. Dark-force "slime" and dark-force networks; psychic vampirism; "wolf packs"; "red threads"; "pit bull" elementals, earth elementals & serpentine elementals. Programs of illness & death, glandular, hormonal and chakra factors. And more.

The Extensive Soul Clearance Session offers both removal of obstacles to clearing and removal of the pernicious patterns themselves. When the process is complete, the client’s Soul will effectively have been re-educated to its appropriate lessons, and positive energies quickly replace the inharmonious patterns.


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