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Sabotage Programs Clearing and Healing Session - Clear Sabotage Programs so that you are Moving Forward Towards Goals with Ease!


Sabotage Programs Clearing and Healing Session

Session Duration: 90 Minutes

Regular price 99.99

Tired of getting in your own way? Want to uncover some of the blocks and fears that are creating conflicts and sabotaging your efforts? This session targets the main blocks to self-fulfillment by clearing sabotage programs such as procrastination, subconscious beliefs that you deserve to suffer and the like.

We’ve all gotten in our own way. We feel motivated… excited about moving forward. We have a clear goal in mind. We may even get close, when… WHAM! We do something that puts us back where we started… a bit bruised and feeling defeated. Thus, clearing the sabotage programs to feeling safe are released so that you are moving forward towards your goals with ease.

Self-sabotage is NOT deliberate… It is NOT something you plan out in advance as a calculated strike on your own well-being. It arises from sub-conscious blocks and fears and past experiences (as well as basic human “self-preservation at all costs”) …ultimately forming sabotage programs within that repeat over and over again limiting your success and happiness. You know these blocks exist when you feel the pain of energetic conflict within you. You start to understand that there is some energy blocking you from experiencing what you desire: in love, in business and finances, in physical well-being.

Sabotaging programs involving hidden fears, phobias, disempowering vows, judgments, covert insecurities that are unconsciously holding you back will be cleared. Unsupportive behaviors and patterns will be released. Past emotional and or physical trauma, contributing to sabotaging programs/beliefs that is unconsciously limiting you will receive extensive healing.

If we believe we deserved to be punished, our vibration isn’t very high and we may end up creating situations where this happens over and over. By clearing the reasons we believe this, we can change our energy and create new openings for abundance and joy. This sabotage program helps us to love and accept self in spite of past failures, and helps us to forgive ourselves for situations where we have judged ourselves as having done a bad thing.


Healing will be directed for internal conflicts as these tie up a lot of our energy as we fight with ourselves over the right and safe direction to move in. Clearing the root causes of the conflicts can give us new clarity and direction.


By clearing the subconscious beliefs, emotions and memories, and programs related to sabotage held within the body/mind, difficulties and disease can be transformed energetically into happiness and health. Wherever you are holding stress and or negative energy in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies, will be cleared. Conscious and subconscious sabotage programs will be cleared.

Most people have sabotage programs in at least one of these areas:

• Relationship difficulties - Personal/Couples/Family/Workplace

• Addictions such as Smoking / Computers / Shopping / Risk aversion

• Lack of Money / Success / Abundance / Happiness

• Constant health problems such as Weight issues / chronic fatigue / Low energy

• Problem areas that just seem to keep re-occurring in your life

During a session highest priority blockages will be cleared which prevent you from realizing your fullest potential and activating your goals so that you can create the future that you desire in your heart of hearts and which you deserve.

Sessions include clearing work for food sensitivities, incongruent beliefs, emotional trauma, attached hooks and cords, inappropriate choices, limiting attitudes and poverty consciousness.

Some of the many benefits of clearing sabotage programs are:

Freedom to move on from past mistakes and failures.

Freedom to move on from past emotional/physical trauma that have been limiting you unconsciously.

Reduced stress

Clearer picture of your unlimited potential

Clarity of thought

Ability to speak from a place of authenticity

Freedom to take your life in any direction you want

Unshakable sense of purpose

Empowered with a clean slate and the ability to chart the future you envision

Ability to tap into your infinite wisdom

Ability to take decisive action

See opportunities that have been hidden from view

A new sense of focus on your goals


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