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Unconscious Scripts Release Session -release limiting scripts and beliefs so that you experience your True Self without any limitations!


Unconscious Scripts Release Session

Session Duration : 90 Minutes

Regular price 99.99

This session is designed to release unconscious, unresolved, survival based scripts across all lifetimes that are negatively motivating your present life experiences and behaviors. Most of us are not aware of the scripts within the subconscious mind which direct and motivate everything they do and who they attract based on unconscious agendas. Most of these pre-existing scripts are created at past life deaths, and exist as cellular/soul memory. In this session the scripts causing you to materialize unpleasant experiences in your current life will be cleared including unconscious source reinforcing obsessions, mental/physical issues, addictions, and the like.

These unconscious scripts reinforce roles where you live as a victim or victimizer containing dialogue that dictate your beliefs, behaviors, and life experiences. These come from past life influences such as the way in which you died in a past lifetime, unresolved trauma from death, in such a way that you create survival based scripts that are being reactivated as present lifetime issues. The mind will keep trying to clear the confusion with past life traumas/emotional events by attracting/creating situations that augment the past causing you to repeat the past over and over again. This allows unresolved past life issues to replay over and over again, in such a way that you relive the ailments, challenges, traumas, similar unproductive/unhealthy relationships, conditions, injuries, mood disorders, anxieties, eating disorders, compulsions, dysfunctions, infertility, disease, etc., as you did in your past lifetimes.

These unconscious scripts will be cleared so that they no longer create havoc and problems for you to constantly walk through. Unconsciously programmed scripts are removed so that you do not attract and repeat periods of victimization. This session brings you inner peace, spiritual alignment and a healthy mind and body, a positive shift in your energy and aura, in such a way that you feel lighter, brighter, energetic, good, complete and purposeful. Through this healing you are able to release limiting scripts and beliefs so that you experience your True Self without any limitations or distortions of any kind.

Set the mind free of limiting scripts, beliefs and old hurts of the past so that you can be who you really are in your present life. You are not your limited scripts! You are the greatness that has been covered up by the past and waits for you to discover the buried treasure of your SELF.



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