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Twin Flame/Twin Soul Attraction Healing and Clearing with Archangel Chamuel Package PLUS BOGO

$299.99 $1,000.00

PLUS for a limited time you will receive a healing package of equal or lesser value!

The twin soul/twin flame Attraction Package includes ten powerful ninety minute healing sessions designed to help you to attract your Twin Flame into your life as well as align your Soul with the Twin Flame/Twin Soul frequency and vibration.

Twin Flame/Twin Soul Ascension Healing Session -  Includes three of these sessions

This session works to heal all fears and worries that can cause complications in reaching out to your twin flame. It will release negative self, where you believe that meeting or connecting with twin flame is something that will never happen for you. This involves going to the core of your twin flame experiences which is held within your cellular memory and releasing guilt, regret and pain which can hinder the twin flame process.

During the session your Chakras are cleansed, aligned and balanced and any cords that are attached between you and any insecurities you may have regarding meeting your twin flame are cut with the help of Archangel Michael. Archangel Chamuel will focus on your heart Chakra, encouraging it to send out its twin flame message out into the universe to be received by your twin flame.

Each healing session helps you to vibrate stronger and your message frequencies become clearer as each healing is a thorough cleansing away of any doubts and fears you hold subconsciously about being with your twin flame. It can also help to heal wounds that you have experienced in this life time regarding love and experiences you have had in romantic relationships in the past that have caused you pain. The focus is on spiritual and emotional healing.

Twin Flame Attraction Healing Session

The twin flame attraction healing session targets attracting your twin soul/flame into your life. Archangel Chamuel will clear any blocks to doing so will be cleared so that there are no hindrances on your end that are keeping you from attracting this very important relationship into your life.

Twin flame Chakras Healing Session

In this session the Chakras will be aligned with the twin flame vibration. Each chakra is blessed with the twin flame vibration by Archangel Chamuel.

Twin Flame Frequency Healing Session

In this session. Archangel Chamuel, will align your frequencies/vibrations with the one true energy pattern of the sacred twin flame vibration. This session will heighten your transmission call for your twin flame out into the universe and enable the other half of your soul to be drawn closer to you.

Meet Your Twin Flame Healing Session

In this session, Archangel Chamuel will remove any fears regarding embarking upon the journey of love, the journey of heart with your twin flame. Archangel Chamuel will release fears about meeting your twin flame.

I AM Beautiful & I Accept Myself Healing Session

This session showers you with the Divine Love and Light, of Archangel Chamuel which will allow you to remember your inner beauty in order for it to radiate to your outside. By doing this, you accept that you are beautiful in every way. Archangel Chamuel will give you supporting energy to help you to release any negative habits, hang-ups, patterns, which your twin flame may not be attracted to.

I Open My Heart to Love Healing Session

In this session, Archangel Chamuel will open your heart to love, opening up the communication channels between you and your twin flame that will let them know that you are ready for your union.

Twin Flame Attraction Healing Session

Archangel Chamuel will energetically prepare you so that you are ready and willing to meet your twin flame and attract them into your life. False, limiting, negative beliefs about meeting/attracting your soul mate will be released and replaced with truth-filled positive beliefs about meeting your twin flame and attracting them into your life.

This package does not include a healing report. Should you like a healing report, the fee is 49.99. Please indicate if you would like one or not and if so a paypal invoice will be sent to you after your purchase of this package.


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