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Raja Pengasih by Hari - The King of Love, Attractiveness, Powerful Charisma, Love Energy, Auric Radiance, and More


Please note: This system should never be traded, exchanged, gifted, offered for free, on ebay, in reiki friendships, swap sites/networks, posted on any website, and is not eligible as a part of any package offer. It can be your main choice in a buy one get one free offer (the attunement you pay for) but it cannot be a free choice in any BOGO offer.

Raja Pengasih by Hari Winarso

Raja Pengasih has meaning as 'the King of Love', it has an amazing magickal power that make us more attractive than before.

This magickal force increases our auric radiance and we will have powerful charisma.

It is also a powerful love energy, everyone will love us, give us their respect and sympathy for us. No one can decline the power of Raja Pengasih.

 You will receive the mp3, original prayer, manual, attunement and a certificate.

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