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Manifesting Love Healing and Clearing Session©

Session Duration: 90 Minutes

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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

–A Course in Miracles

The Manifesting Love Healing Session will clear the subconscious mind of any doubt or false belief that you do not want to manifest love in your life helping to you to move from living a life of loneliness,worry, anxiety, failure, and fear into attracting and manifesting the love of your life.

Blocks that prevent you from manifesting the love destiny you desire will be removed. Any conditioned or programmed thoughts will be removed so that the subconscious mind

 False, limiting beliefs and invisible inner barriers that hold you back are removed and the new energy will enter enabling you to embrace new beliefs that will help drive you into a relationship of your dreams. Experiences, pains, and traumas from this life and past life events will be cleared in the subconscious memory so that these memories do not attract you to similar experiences in your life.

Sabotaging automatic behaviors and feelings will no longer contaminate your experiences in love. Barriers to accepting love in your life will be broken down. Fears of being intimate, close, abandoned, rejected and hurt will be released. Fears of being disappointed if love does not manifest will be removed. The new energy will inspire you to imagine and feel what it is like to already have the love you desire. This gives you manifesting power.

Emotional blocks and subconscious wounds will be healed so that they do not keep blocking you and making you miserable in your relationships. Emotional wounds caused by not getting enough love, approval, validation and acceptance from your parents or caregivers in childhood will be healed. As these emotional blocks are healed and removed you will no longer feel unworthy of love or unloved, or not good enough for love so that these do not block you from manifesting love in your life.

As the subconscious mind is cleansed and cleared new light will enter the subconscious mind allowing it to know that you deserve love and the energy will help you to attract and manifest a great and lasting love.


 The session energy works to assist you in opening the doors to allow this love into your life allowing you to embrace thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that are alignment with truth. As a result your vibration will rise to such a high level you will no longer want to move towards the loneliness and disappointment of your current situation. Your rise in vibrations will help you to turn towards love and embrace it without fear.

It will help you awaken to the love within you and within others. As you are awakened to the love that is already in your life you will attract even more love to you. You will experience happiness. Everyone should receive the Manifesting Love Session as it assists you in improving all of your relationships with others in your life, your family, friends, soul mate/twin flame, co-workers, and the like. 

This session helps to attract and draw your soul mate/twin flame to you like a magnet. Your mental and emotional bodies will be cleared so that you embrace new mental and emotional habits that bring forward new experiences and realities. Negativity from your past and present relationships will be cleared so that this negative energy does not keep you from your soul mate/twin flame. 

As a result of the session  you will develop new empowering beliefs such as:


• You are surrounded by love

• You are emotionally open and available for love

• Life and love are easy

• You are loved and supported all the time

• You will enjoy your soul mate’s company

• You will have fun with your soul mate/twin flame

• You will recognize your soul mate/twin flame

• You are wonderful

• You are deserving of life long love

• You radiate and attract love

• You love yourself just as you are

• You release fear and doubt

• You are comfortable with whom you are

• Everything you do is in alignment with the Divine plan

• Your heart is open to loving

• All blocks to love are removed

• You are worthy of true love

• You accept love into our life

• Much, much, more


Additional Benefits of Manifesting Love Healing Session

• Be more fulfilled and satisfied in life

• Be prepared for your soul mate/twin flame to come into life

• See love all around you

• Become inspired and empowered

• Experience the love you want in your life

• See love within you and others

• Stay true to yourself

• Create conscious intention and focus on love

• Doubts and fears about love will leave you

• Gain clarity about what you want in a mate

• Fear of failure will leave you

• Develop trust in divine timing and order

• Overcome inner barriers to love

• Strengthen intuition and inner power

• Create empowered relationships

• Emotional and Mental blocks to love are removed

• Heal past emotions and events

• See the past, present and future more clearly

• Take more personal responsibility

• Learn new ways of perceiving love’s challenges

• Realize positive future outcomes.


Copyright ©2014 Masters Healing Light Academy

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