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Building Self Esteem Healing Session - you are worthy and deserving of self-praise and love - enjoying life, rising above low self esteem and more


Building Self Esteem Healing Session©

Duration 90 Minutes

Regular price 99.99

Self Esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves, the way we see ourselves. High self esteem is a good opinion of self and low self esteem is a bad opinion of self. It is not uncommon to struggle with issues of self-esteem at different times. Often low self esteem is triggered because we judge ourselves harshly or because someone in our lives has treated us poorly either in the recent or distant past.

 It is common to associate who we are with the external influences of the world around us meaning that when we are doing well and finding ourselves successful in our lives we naturally feel good about who we are.

On the other side of that when we are not doing well and or are failing at something naturally we feel down and out about who we are. We feel poor about ourselves when we do not get someone’s approval or if someone rejects us. This cycle is not very helpful or productive.

It is innate within to feel good about self but when we set ourselves up for feeling bad about ourselves based on external situations we develop self sabotaging behaviors like the habit of avoiding situations that make us feel poorly about ourselves. In this session clearing of these unconscious patterns will be cleared raising your consciousness, so that you no longer limit personal and or spiritual growth and have negative results in your life.

No longer will you receive validation of the negative and false truths you feel about yourself as instead you will think and act consciously so that your consciousness continues to rise and elevate and so that you can grow spiritually and personally – as well as have positive results in your life.

When we do not get the approval or validation we need we criticize ourselves. When we overly criticize ourselves and tell ourselves negative things about ourselves we make failure likely. With this pattern removed you are able to have confidence and self esteem. Thoughts that are limiting will be released and reprogrammed with positive thoughts that raise confidence and esteem. The energy of the session supports you in affirming and validating and approve yourself rather than looking to others or outside circumstances for the validations you need to boost your self esteem. Tendencies to judge self critically will be released so that they no longer block your self esteem and self confidence.

 This powerful healing energy is available to open you to seeing your true perfection, beauty and greatness so that you can be the bright beacon of light you were designed to be. In so doing, you are able to embark upon a precious journey which takes you to the most beautiful place and that is the garden of your own soul! The session energy supports you in loving and valuing yourself and all  your many gifts, abilities, attributes and positive qualities. The session will clear old mistakes that you are holding against yourself, and or in the cellular memory, so that you are no longer playing those old tapes and or holding them against yourself in such a way that you re-create circumstances that lower self esteem  unconsciously.

  The Building Self Esteem Healing Session has multipurpose. One of which is so that you can rise above low self esteem so that you can enjoy life, do what you want to do, be who you really are without fear of rejection and work towards your path, purpose, higher callings and personal goals. It is your Divine right to feel good about yourself! The Building Self Esteem Healing Session will help you to accept that you are worthy and deserving of self-praise and love and avoid doing things that make you feel even worse and do those things that will make you feel better about yourself.

Copyright ©2014 Masters Healing Light Academy

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